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Re: My nanna
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 15 December 2012
In Response To: My nanna (Matt)

Hello Matt

First of all may I say how sorry I am to hear your sad news, it is always heart rendering, painful and difficult when someone you love moves away from this world. Being a grandfather, one is aware a special bond is built for most people. The relationship with their grandparents presents many reasons for its existence, though I believe the love developed is constant, a force humanity has shared since the dawn of time.

However at this point in my reply I must make a small but important point. With every question I take a position that my answers are always generic. I take a literal stance towards any written content provided. Likewise, I do not give reference to individuals mentioned within the text, or with limited facts, presume information about those who have passed into light. The reason is simple, no one person can be in contact with everyone who has passed into eternity. Subsequently my answers are general in their structure and composition. Nevertheless I can assure you that whether we live in this life for a hundred seconds, or for over one-hundred years, we are on a moving corridor taking us all through the many experiences of life. This part of our existence is only a period of learning and realisation, held within the restrictions of the physical body of matter. We are limited within our earthly body, until at the point of physical death, where we move out into the ‘World of Celestial Bliss and Peace’ and reach greater spiritual comprehension. The movement man calls death is no more that the casting off of the mortal shroud, the breaking of a chain, the soul's ultimate goal. This movement from one-energy to another is what would have happened to all of your loved ones, no different from every other soul who at this point in time is resident in the ‘World of Earth’. So, from the point of whether anyone is okay, after they move forward into light, the answer is simple and that is: categorical YES!

You mention your grandmother feeling towards you. Again, you must try to realise that anyone moving from this world understand more, care more and love more than we do here. Why you may ask? The answer is relatively easy - they have greater comprehension, see and objectively sense more than we. But above everything: free from the restrictions we have in this slow vibrational twilight ‘World of Matter’. You have a fear of death. Not unusual as we are all fearful of that of which we have little or no knowledge. Grasp inner-peace, open you mind, gain spiritual truths and the light within your mind with take any shadows of fear and trepidation and replace them with serenity and harmony.

I am sorry that I cannot give you a message. It would be foolhardy, irresponsible and not in fitting with this undertaking which I provide, because this is to provide spiritual understanding to those who read the pages of Spiritualist Resources. One has to be aware: no-one can be in spiritual communication with everyone who has moved into light. Additionally, I am aware my primary gift is for face-to-face spiritual intercourse; with the internet, one doesn’t know who the other person is and owing to the problems this may open, I stay within strict professional guidelines, on what I can, and what I cannot say, or articulate to other people.

Kindest thoughts and wishes for your peace and understanding. Seek out the greatest power, the unity of all things, which become one - for it is love the builder of hopes and the future.

Showers of Light


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