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Re: Link difficult during first part of demonstration but easy during second part: Reason?
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 28 November 2012

Dear Dermot

Thank you for allowing your question to be redirected from my own website through to Spiritualist Resources. Before I answer your enquiry may I refer to a couple of points?

First of all, I can only give a reply within the scope of my own capacity and experience. The reason I say this is because I believe there are too many people involved within spiritual work, who make subjective statements about other’s work, and should be better placed analysing their own short-comings. However I can understand your concerns. Yet, I believe to answer you, initially I need to draw upon my own personal experiences of making public presentation. To do this, it is imperative not just to look at my own spiritual work, more upon, to draw upon skills I have gleaned through many years of professional experience in making presentations in business consultancy.

From the standpoint of public speaking, there are certain vital details and pointers one needs to follow. The old adage asserts clearly: ‘Prior preparation prevents poor performance’. I am not inferring your spiritual work is poor; rather that preparation and planning are fundamental when addressing an audience for the purpose of delivering any information. Irrespective of what central theme is being offered, it really is imperative that you are prepared both mentally and emotionally, whilst having the essential skills of public speaking. One is aware that with spiritual mediumship, there exists ‘change’ in persona, often called an ‘altered state of consciousness’. All the same, you still need to be ready and prepared to meet an audience/congregation’s expectations. The first few moments are vital for the flow of the demonstration, and you need to meet ‘three critical objectives’! These are:

1. To gain undivided attention

2. Build rapport between you and your audience/congregation

3. Achieve credibility and attention by stating the theme of your demonstration

These three points are fundamental in terms of meeting the needs of your audience/congregation. If you are slow or hesitant, you will loose the impetus of your demonstration. You may say, this is because of ‘energy’ levels? On the contrary, in the eyes of your target audience, you have lost their concentration at the vital point - the beginning! Before you start speaking, the first contact you make upon your audience will be through your appearance and manner. Confidence, posture, projection and presentation are areas you can easily develop yourself. You need to build up your standing, irrespective of energy levels; you have to be in control. Of course spiritual companions are with you, to support your spiritual work. Nonetheless, you have a pivotal part to play in your demonstration. You are the ‘physical instrument’ in which your spiritual guides interact. Yes, it is obvious you cannot influence the energy people bring with them; still your actions are fundamental in ensuring that those recipients of the demonstration see a presentation, befitting the actions of your work. The actions I allude to are your ability to be perceived as a professional. To be proficient, you need to have a ‘flow’ from start to finish! Stuttering and loss of energy levels are elements your own spiritual companions will help you with. Even so, open your mind, use skills attained from your ‘Development Circle’, practice and practice on your core-skills of mediumship. When you are tired or bored; go back to the building-blocks of mediumship, core fundamental and basic skills. Techniques are the same for any public speaker; remember the analogy of the professional musician, who before a concert will practice again and again the scales, least there is a flaw in their musical rhythm. The great Professional Golfer - Gary Player once said: “The more I practice, the luckier I get!”

You ask for suggestions? Without knowing you and in no-way being subjective, I feel your early spiritual teacher should have helped you with this small problem. The fault, if any, is not with the energy you speak about, more with the interaction you have with your guides. Perhaps, try to be more confident, perchance work upon spiritual anecdotes, improve your reading of signs and symbols and practice over and over again. My Spiritual Teacher Jack Corbett always said: “There is no substitute for experience”. Though I have been working on the public platform for over 30 years, one is still aware that we have good and not so good meetings. Perhaps, one should try to remember the old aphorism: “The sun shines every day, but sometimes the clouds get in the way”. All part and parcel of building your mediumship capacity, which alas is never ending....................

I wish you well on your improvement through the disciplines of self-development and spiritual attainment.

Showers of light and blessings


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