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Re: Dream or Reality?
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 16 February 2010
In Response To: Dream or Reality? (Anna)

Hello Anna,

Many thanks for your message.

I often have questions which take time to answer, but with this one, there is a simplicity that is reflective of the purity of spiritual contact and communication. Let me explain. Often in natural sleep, we move into what is often called ‘Astral’ which is the anti-room of the Spirit World, a space between the ‘Two-Worlds of Earth and Soul’.

There is far too much talk nowadays about ghosts and apparitions, which I believe is developed because of fear, lack of knowledge and misunderstanding. In fact, those who have moved out beyond this world, out into ‘light’, interact in a natural way that is supportive of the people in this life. Those who have greater knowledge and are freed from the limitations of this life often interact with us, to support and give help. I am sure this is what happened to you, and because it was a natural situation, the memory of the event has stayed with you. The attraction between you both is a link through a spiritual bond of ‘light attracting light’. The experience will be with you and will help you to unfold your spirituality, because fear has now gone and the realisation of spiritual interaction is open to you and your mind is at peace.

Generally, the rule of thumb with a balanced mind is that if the communication and memory of the event stays with you, then it is real. Fortunately, you listened and took positive steps, vital to your personal grow, not because of a dream, but through a reality, that many wish they could have had.

I hope this helps, always hold this special memory the reality will always be with you!

In Light and Peace


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