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Re: Spirits and our secrets
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 25 November 2012
In Response To: Spirits and our secrets (C)


This is an interesting question; first impression suggests a simple answer, though simplicity within the spiritual context is becoming rather more uncommon these days. Therefore, I believe we need to take a few steps back and gain an insight into spiritual knowledge.

For many people, even those who attend spiritual meetings, there is a tendency not to understand, or grasping fundamental truths, which are often hidden within the blinkered vision of religious dogma, or silliness portrayed by the ghost haunting fraternity. First of all, perhaps you should realise that in this ‘World of Earth’, we are answerable to the laws of the land we reside within, and the accepted natural law of matter. The physical body is only the vehicle of the spirit - the soul. Wherever, once we are withdrawn from this world and enter into the ‘Great Light’, we are subject to the laws and movement of the higher vibrations of the ‘World of Soul’. Both you and I are, at this point in time, residents of this world, we are here for a purpose, though often within the hustle and bustle of earth, we don’t always grasp the exact reason why. Nevertheless, we are all here, at this conjecture of time for a purpose, developing ourselves upon the ‘Potter’s Wheel of Life’. People may believe we are born with nothing; I would much prefer to think we have many gifts, that aid and support us all through our journey along the pathway we walk. For a start in this life, we need to develop our individuality, personalities and open our divine gifts. This is done by building, creating and playing our part in the family of humanity and nature. This world is but the ‘schoolhouse of learning’, created for each and every one of us.

Now to the central point of your question, which is about passing on, or revealing personal secrets to other family members? The answer is simple! We can’t and we don’t. Yes, I have seen and heard so called mediums, or psychics, asserting they know more about a person than they are prepared to say - all nonsense and untrue. Again, try to realise that loved ones in ‘light’ are above these personal issues, they are not mindful to our personal secrets, why should they be, it is not their business. No single person, not even those who have crossed into light, is perfect. Perfection is a long, long way off, even the very best of people; we are all subject to imperfections, limitations, failings, blemishes and shortcomings upon our personalities. We all make mistakes, misjudge, fall into material hold-backs, make bad decisions; they are all part of what is the make-up of the frailties of the human family. Imagine being perfect, with our imperfections - one would visualize the task as impossible.

In conclusion, if anyone is giving you a reading and says or infers, ‘they are being told this or that’ about your personal life, secrets or mistakes – walk away! This is not possible; your inner-secrets are for you alone and of course the one you see as your own Deity. Those enlightened ‘Leaders of Light’, our spiritual companions, are highly evolved spiritual beings, totally unbiased; they support, comfort and help guide you to fulfil your inner-self. Yes, the good points and the not so good ones, and of course I have them as well!

Long will be, that your inner secrets stay personal to you and you alone. They are the counterbalance of living, taking you through the movement of the ‘wheel of life’ that on one far-off day will bring you enlightenment, a step closer to the soul’s ultimate goal of perfection.

In Light and Peace


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