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Re: Intuition
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 5 November 2012
In Response To: Intuition (Sue)

Dear Sue

Thank you for your question about your intuitive capabilities and potential.

On looking at the few words within your question I note with interest your belief in your intuitive ability. In general, people I converse with who wish to pursue this discipline are aware of something, yet are totally uncertain about how to unfold, or open, any spiritual or psychic potential. Consequently let’s look at the points you make? My first thought was that you are more aware than your words articulate. The reason I say this is simple: you use phraseology that indicates more understanding of this subject than one would suppose. With the whole subject of spirituality, I was taught that your first question is directed at yourself, because this is the most important one. Your own personal answer will be the bedrock and foundation for any form of spiritual unfoldement and development. Try to think objectively to find your own answer and motivation as to: ‘why do you want to do this kind of vocation’. The specific of the answer is personal and for you alone, and will only resonate within you as you progress along the pathway of enlightenment and spiritual unfoldement. I assure you this will need to be your strength and foundation. Moreover your personal testing ground, which you will need, for you will be sourly tested over the years ahead, when you encounter the trials and tribulations in this soul searching work.

You also mention wanting to ‘read’ people. Reading people is a technique that fits within the work of a psychic and not that of a spiritual medium. The thought of reading conjures up in my mind the work of the paranormal investigator James Randi. Randi is a Canadian-American stage magician and scientific investigator who will spend his time debunking people who work as either psychics or spiritual mediums. ‘Cold Reading’ is the general terminology for those who use techniques for gaining otherwise signals and gestures, when passed back to the recipient appear to be messages. From a personal perspective one would presume James Randi is indebted to the psychics and mediums of this world, for they have provided him with a platform for notoriety, fame and fortune, without us what else would he have done one asks? If to be a psychic is your path, great, other than it is not the work that I am involved in. I am a spiritual medium and this work is ‘Divine’ by nature, a great gift given before one enters into this earthly world. Mediumship is a gift of illumination, created to support the interaction of loved-ones who are now in the eternal ‘World of Light’. You say it is your desire, the question must be: are you gifted? If so, you will need to be resilient, and desiring to take up the chalice that comes with this gift.

In your words you say about paying ‘an arm and a leg’. One would suppose you will need to pay something, perhaps payment in time is one thing that you will need, because dedication is essential for any development, psychic or spiritual. Sadly there isn’t much that comes for nothing in this world nowadays. Nonetheless, reading through the many answers to questions I have given to “Spiritualist Resources” over the last three years may help. Believe it or not, all at no cost. I spend hours and hours with the questions; like many of my contemporaries, we work for the benefit of the whole, rather than for ourselves, this is the work of the spiritual medium. If you wish to move into this work, I am sure you will find there is great need, though it will takes many years of work, disciple and effort - worth every ‘spiritual penny’ invested for the support for the family of humanity.

I have added some links as a footnote of where you can look in the United Kingdom and the United States of America, where I believe you are resident. Perhaps you should look in at a Spiritualist Church/Centre where you can gain spiritual awareness, teachings and support for your own development at very little financial cost. Alternatively, there are many ‘psychic or mediumship courses’ in the USA, Canada or the UK just look on: www.spiritualistresources.com/cgi-bin/training/index.pl.

In conclusion I wish you well on whatever path you are directed. Just look, listen and allow your own inspiration and intuition to lead you forward.

Kindest thoughts for your future unfoldement


Footnote of Spiritual Associations:

United States of America - National Spiritualist Association of Churches: www.nsac.org

United Kingdom - National Spiritualist Union: www.snu.org.uk

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