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Re: Spirit/images in the house
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 4 November 2012
In Response To: Spirit/images in the house (Nicole)

Hello Nicole

I find interest in your wording, very interesting when you say you are not a firm believer in this kind of stuff. If you are intimating about interest in paranormal activity, then I am with you one-hundred percent. This statement may sound peculiar so please let me explain a little more? If you look through the many answers I have given to ‘Spiritualist Resources’ over the last 3 years, you may well note there is little reference to the paranormal. The reasons for this are simple; my work is totally about light, peace, enlightenment and spirituality. Over the last decade there has been an explosion of interest in paranormal activity and ghosts. This pursuit is often dramatised, misguided, confused and in my view leads people into corridors of fear through misunderstanding about spirit sighting or awareness, which often then falls into exaggerated talk about ghosts, phantoms, spectres and things that go bump in the night.

Of course not everyone who has passed over is a good person, or even an archangel; all the same, there is a lot of twaddle spoken about so called people locked or held between two-worlds. Again, nonsensical drivel, once one's physical life comes to an end, all people are released from this world and enter into eternity. It is very strange how this subject of spiritual interaction tends to be associated with the night, darkness and old houses or graveyards. To me, people who have moved from this world are now residents in a world of enlightenment and opportunity, because life is a continuum and a reunion of souls. Sadly, many people are directed into confusion through lack of knowledge and misunderstanding, much of which takes the unbalanced mind into shadows, fear and sadness.

Taking my last paragraph in context, your question is interesting, one I take verbatim. The detailed descriptions and points you mention, to me, indicate interactive movement with people who have moved forward into ‘light’. The situation regarding your friend, who felt she had been punched and had the wind knocked out of her, echos the shadows of uncertainty associated with lack of knowledge. You furthermore mention your dog and your grandson, though I must say I cannot understand why he was crying. Perhaps he was a little confused; the reason for the extra-sensory awareness is uncomplicated because both animals and young children are more ‘attuned’ to the higher vibrations of spiritual realms. Of course if we are surprised by something, even experienced mediums like me, are caught off balance, which is a very normal occurrence and nothing to worry about. In addition, you remark about seeing something ‘out of the corner of your eye’, again all very natural. Often we see the form of ‘spirit’, sometimes we glimpse people, places, and colours etc; often from the corner of our eye, to be brief - a glance catching a movement beyond this world of matter. Time and again the ‘World of Light and Soul’ is observed, as if through the folds in a curtain, a silken veil, for that is all that stands between ourselves in this life, and a community of people freed from the sluggish, cumbersome world of earth. This world is slow and on dense vibration, unlike the high sensitivity of a world of bliss, peace and light.

Towards the latter part of your writing you refer to ‘your daughter was standing at you bedroom door’ and being aware of something. Though you are not a believer your words are most aligned to a person who is aware of the interaction of spiritual vibrations that have come into their sensory capacity. Once more I feel that I must reiterate that spiritual knowledge is the ‘key’ to solving your dilemma. Seeking light and illumination of your spirit and inner-self are fundamental in breaking this chain of uncertainty. I find there is nothing to fear but fear itself. As I have already said, the uncertainties are linked to fear and doubt, often built by the paranormal fraternity; my spiritual teacher always said: ‘don’t dwell in the lowlands of ignorance where only fools and monkeys chatter’.

May I also suggest that when you are aware of a spiritual presence, simply carry on with your normal day, maybe say a few words to those you become aware of, or simply ask them to move away out of your home and back into their own dimension? Straightforward as it is, it is all down to basic communication and that is two-way! To help you with the movement into spiritual awakening, I have asked my spiritual companions to place a ‘ring of protection’ around you. This field of spiritual energy will help you to move forward.

I hope you find the answer helpful. Really it is all common-sense, once the fear and doubt have gone, your life will open to a wider understanding and peace.

Blessing of Light and Peace



With all questions, I take the standpoint that of my answers are generic, as such I take a literal view of the content. In short, I do not give reference to individuals mentioned within the text, or with limited facts, assimilate information about those who have passed into light. The reason is simple. No one person can be in contact with everyone who has passed into eternity, so my answers are general in their structure and composition and reflect a metaphoric answer.

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