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Re: Please, I need a orientation...
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 31 October 2012
In Response To: Please, I need a orientation... (Dante)

Dear Dante

I am sorry that it has taken me a while to reply to you. The reason for this is simple; with all of my responses I take considerable time and thought to ensure my reply is personal, relevant and specific to the question. Of course this takes time, I believe by analysing the individual points within a question I am able to receive spiritual inspiration, which allows for a more in-depth answer. So let’s start at the beginning of your query. You mention your very special relationship with your mother, who you explain was a real funny loving person who gave everything to you. The foundation of love established with your mother is an essential ingredient of the special and significant connection that has been the foundation of your own spirituality. I would imagine the relationship with your mother has been the bedrock for the whole movement of your life. One would imagine that everyone has a similar rapport with their parents; sadly this is not the case. It is not that you are lucky to have this connection, on the contrary, this correction of ‘Two-Souls’ is paramount for your obvious spiritual awareness and understanding.

You mention the fact that you are a qualified engineer. Generally engineers have logical minds, with great capacity for analytical thinking, one of the essential qualities required for spiritual interpretation and rational thought. Your mothers influence and support was two-fold, first whilst she was in this world, and now from the spiritual realms of light. The detailed accounts you describe, draw upon the influences of creativity, colour and vibrancy. Like your mother the loss of my own father some 40 plus years ago, became the catalyst for seeking out my own spiritual destiny. This is the point where I feel now your loved ones in the ’World of Eternal Light’ wish to further support your growth in spiritual knowledge and comprehension.

You mention an array of feelings and emotions that have occurred since your mother passed into the ‘Golden Light’. In spiritual terminology these sensations are called ‘conditions’, though you also mention seeing the form of spirit in certain places. I say ‘form’ because we only see the shape, owing to the fact that to our earthly eyes we are unable to see the complete essence of the great light – the soul! Hopefully you will see into the ‘World of Light’ a greater experience than one can imagine. To see your loved ones free from pain, sorrow, ageing or distress is worth all the riches of this world - just a glimpse is amazing. Not even great poets like William Shakespeare, Luís de Camões Fernando António Nogueira de Seabra Pessoa, or Lord Byron could put into words the glory of seeing beyond the veil that moves between this world and the next.

The situations you mention are indicators of your spiritual potential and capacity. The pathway for mediumship is arduous and difficult. Nonetheless the descriptions you mention about your own spiritual capabilities, shows great potential for future growth and inner-enlightenment. We are in fact talking about a ‘gift’ whether you see, hear or sense we can only work with the divine aptitude given to us. The gift is often triggered by the loss of a close loved one. I know it gives great pleasure for loved-ones who are now in light to be able to work with those left in earth. The movement of spiritual inspiration works upon the mind and links to the experiences of this life, all working to support other people through the rigours and difficulties we all experience.

My conclusion is simple. We all have many people from the ‘World of Light’, who work to support our spiritual understanding. The words and descriptions you provide show that love has always been an integral part of your life, showing that your mother will continue to illume you through the threshold of her love. The advantage you have is your open-minded approach to spiritual interaction and how your mother’s love inspires and supports your future peace and potential. The great strength you have is your desire to grasp divine truths and to seek for your own future growth through spiritual awareness.

In your last sentence you mention a spiritual medium - Chico Xavier. There are many mediums around the world, and choosing one before another is very subjective. Yes, there is a spectrum of ability with mediums, which is like all disciplines. Whether you are a poet, artist, musician, or medium, one person's viewpoint may differ tremendously from another. Because of this I would suggest you try to be a little more optimistic and you will find another medium who you feel comfortable with. May I suggest you look around, or read the pages of ‘Spiritualist Resources’ and look for other good mediums in Brazil try www.spiritualistresources.com/cgi-bin/great/index.pl?read=142 this might be a good starting point for you.

Because of your innate spiritual intuition and support from all of your close family and friends who have crossed the fine line of eternity, I am sure you will find the truths you seek. Move on in this life with the knowledge of support from your mother and gain equilibrium in the great years you have to look forward to.

I wish you well as life unfolds it divine nature to you.

Showers of Peace and Light


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