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Re: The call of mediumship and healing
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 29 October 2012
In Response To: The call of mediumship and healing (Sheree)

Dear Sheree

Thank you for your question and may I thank you for your redirection to Spiritualist Resources.com.

I read with interest your comment about having a very varied life; you appear to have similarities with my own life. I for one believe a variety within the movement of life helps one to have an open-mind and the resilience to overcome the many difficulties one has to face, in this testing work.

Without doubt there comes a time in one’s life when the spiritual and material balance. It is when we gain one of those periods in time where we acquire equilibrium, and life becomes clear. After a while, other thoughts will emanate and become prevalent as you start to gain realignment upon the wheel of life set inside the to-and-throw on the pendulum of life. The essence of spiritual unfoldement is basically when you grasp an understanding of oneself and the role you play within the kaleidoscope of life. Some things become clearer once the balance allows you to come to terms with the pathway of your life. Different parts of your life come into focus providing you with a clearer perspective as understanding awaken often dormant thoughts giving you inspiration and visualisation. It is like putting the pieces of a great jigsaw together within the faculty of your mind and imagery linked to sensitivity stimulates the mind, bringing clearer reasoning as you grasp an insight into your spiritual capacity. It is like moving from a clouded sky into a new dawn, imagination awakens your sensory capacity and images – the process of spiritual awakening has started. Now the hard work starts and as with all things you will need dedication, soul-searching and hard work.

Sensitivity is an essential, vital part of spiritual mediumship, which when connected into emotions becomes the electricity that feeds and stimulates the mind. Mediumship is often described as a gift or a curse, because it moves across the whole emotional spectrum. Harsh words may be your first impression when you read the last sentence, but with the awakening of your spiritual calling, you will find there are many obstacles to overcome. For my part the biggest challenge has always been jealousy. Along with jealousy, and other forms of negativity, you will encounter many pitfalls on your spiritual journey, so you will need to get a good teacher and mentor. I feel this is harder than when I first started my spiritual work some 30 plus years ago. Why is this you may ask? Well time and situations always change. Spiritualism has changed and to me has moved significantly, almost unrecognisable from my early days. When I first met my Spiritual Teacher and Mentor Jack Corbett, there was more tolerance; people were allowed their own choice as to whether Spiritualism was a religion or a truth. To me the whole work is a truth, once you move out from this world in the ‘Golden Light’ there is no religion. Religion for me is a pathway, a path that holds values and truths for those who follow a particular route through this life. Yet once we are free from the manacles of earth, we move onto a greater pathway of spiritual growth and enlightenment. Again, the spiritual knowledge prevails because in the next world we are more attuned to vibrations of the ‘Great World of Soul’.

The problem for anyone today is finding the ‘right’ teacher and of course getting into a good development circle where you can learn the fundamental awareness of spiritual understanding. You will have to find out who can best suit your own needs; there are some good and of course there others which to say the least are dire. I know that as you open the spiritual from within you will be draw to different facets, perhaps spiritual healing, mediumship, counselling, or other disciplines if they are within your capacity. Psychometry may be a gift you possess, which incidentally is not one of mine. Where you may have a problem is trying to be good at all things. If this were to happen you might finish up like so many others – a little of this and a little of that, which only leads to being a jack of all trades, a master of none. Be selective and work hard at the foundations of your gift, you will soon know your right speciality. If you were to work upon the ‘Public Platform’ as a medium, you will need many skills. First you need to be knowledgeable about the subject, be articulate, project your voice, gain presentation skills, and have control under pressure - it’s not easy when you first start and get a couple of no’s. Additionally, you need excellent diction, be capable of modulating your voice, add inflection and tone to your words and these are just a start, of course are not counting for the gift that allows for the interaction with your companions in light. Jack Corbett always said: “There is no short cut to Mediumship”. I was also given a simple quote: “Hard work and effort is the workbench of all knowledge and spiritual attainment”.

My advice to you is quite simple. Trust in your own companions in light. Even those who guide us only see a little further down the corridor of eternity. Yet, they know, care, understand and love more than us because they are free from the slow vibrations of earth. Our own path may at times be arduous; nonetheless spiritual light will take you through all of life’s turbulence, so that you fulfil your destiny. I am sure the right spiritual teacher will be there to help you. Also listen to your inner-self, find your peace and learn to trust your spiritual inspirers and keep an open-mind. Again as Jack Corbett said: “Accept and reject”, if you believe and agree with something accept, if not reject, though allowing your thoughts to be positive, least you become singular in thought. No one knows all of the answers, for we all walk a very long path towards the great eternal light of truth, peace and harmony.

I wish you well. Try to keep an open mind, look at books (not too many least you cloud you mind), explore the internet, keep faith and your spiritual understanding will follow. I have added an amended footnote from my spiritual teacher given to me many years ago – all good common-sense information, which will hopefully aid you to open your mind to the knowledge of the ‘World of Soul and Light’.

May you receive the encouragement of light and love

Kindest thoughts


Footnote amended from the Teachings of Jack Corbett

Physics and Mediums

Some people are better as psychics and will never become mediums. Remember, that discipline is very necessary for spiritual unfoldment; as the mind must be trained to retain the messages that are given.

If you are gifted as a medium, your spiritual companions will be with you to encourage you so that in time you will work with those from spirit. The ‘Open Circle’ is but a training ground and is open to all conditions so try not spend too much of your time there; if you do, work only to help others if requested. You have to learn how best to give the message you received from those in the world of light. True mediumship is a very natural state, so as you are talking you are also listening and we your spiritual companions will often come into your conversation. When the gift is natural to you, you will become aware through your sensitivity to the message of spirit. You have to work and wait for us of spirit; to find a way to use you for the work we have in hand.

When you ‘sit’ to unfold the gift try not to wear tight clothing on; but sit comfortably, the more comfortable you are, and the better you will be. This will allow you to receive us in this state of peace; for when we come to you it is better that you leave all things to us. Do not ask too many questions too soon as you may get confused and you should try to gain a settled mind. Those who support you from ‘light’ know how to use your body and so cannot be forced to work with you in your way, only in the way of spirit.

The power of the spirit is often misused and we in light are sad. But where love is, love will embrace you and bring you through all things. Your spiritual gifts will help you to heal the sick, comfort the afflicted and dry the mourner’s tears. Respond only to truth and then you will have the rights to the fruits of your honest labour; care for those that will help your quest. Remember if you have been chosen, your companions in light will hope that you will accept them on your journey through life.

Our love is to you, child of the spirit, peace and power.

Given to Jack Corbett from his Spirit Guide - Allaphoona and the Spirit Guide of Stephen Thundercloud in January 1983

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