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Re: Miscarried baby?
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 23 October 2012
In Response To: Miscarried baby? (Angela)

Dear Angela

There are certain questions I receive that contain far deeper sadness, holding greater poignancy particularly when there is the loss of a child or infant. With children and babies the physical loss is intensified when a physical life comes to an abrupt and untimely end. Without doubt this is a particular tragic loss, more intensified because of the short period of time you were with your baby.

One is aware there must be questions that remain unanswered to you, making the grieving process so much harder to overcome. It is almost impossible to find words to take away the sadness you must feel. I have given much thought to your question, and so hope I may be able to shed a little light to help you to move forward with your life. It may be difficult for you at this point in time to grasp any spiritual truths. All I can hope for is that a light may open a recess in your mind, which eventually will lead you to your own realisation that life is a continuum. My own spiritual work, particularly whist I am taking spiritual meetings from the public platform, has always linked to infants, children, or babies who never touch this solid world of earth. Why do I receive this spiritual link? My answer is very simple: I really do not know. I just take this awareness as part of the gift divinity gave me before I entered this world. Many of the messages of children have given great support to parents and those with close family or friendship ties. Nonetheless, this process of spiritual communication is but a link in a chain, which works to show that life moves on beyond this ‘World of Matter’, out into the celestial dimensions of eternity in the ‘World of Eternal Light’.

Whether a soul enters into this world for one hundred seconds, or for over one hundred years, our life-span is less than a single droplet of water in all of the vast oceans of the world. Time is only a measurement of this world. It may appear to be a long or short period of time for us. Yet, the love we have never dies and this connection brings us all together again out beyond physical death. Life is movement acting at multi-dimensional levels that interact with all around, about and beyond. The reality of life’s interaction is often clouded in this material world, where many people only reason with what is directly in front them. Though it may be difficult for you at this point in time, the influences and situations life brings you are part of a greater plan, which moves from its beginning to a better day. Everyone we love is part of our own-being, love is the everlasting link. The more we build the connectivity with our companions in ‘light’ the further we enhance our life here and build for the wonderful day when we are reunited in the great ‘World of Spirit, Peace and Tranquility’.

Do the children and babies grow in spirit? Yes, like all of us, babies and children grow and unfold their potential. Support is ready and available as soon as they move into light, given from the loving hands of people who support their wellbeing. Time as we know it, moves along and we see the face of age through our physical aging. Children grow in spirit, our memory holds dearly with our interaction of thoughts, until the veil on uncertainty is released at the point of our physical death and the re-union is extended between parent and child. The natural law of spiritual development is the process, growth continues with all children and babies who now reside in the next world. However, our recognition is held within the thoughts of the last meeting in this ‘World of Earth’. In many cases when a parent or guardian meets a child, infant or young baby in the ‘World of ‘Light’ our immediate connection is one where we gain instant recognition. Once this process of connectivity is confirmed and sealed, we soon realise how the young soul has matured and developed. Perhaps I may try to explain this a little more? I have had countless times where I have given a spiritual message during a ‘Clairvoyance Meeting’, and after the meeting the recipient of the message looks many years younger. When I first started my spiritual work it used to surprise me, not any more. I am now aware that I am seeing beyond the physical body and being made conscious of the ‘Spiritual Body’. To cut a long story short, once there is a spiritual reunion between a parent/guardian with their baby, or fully grown child, the loved-ones see and recognise them at the point of their happiest moment. From this point, we start a great building process, which is far stronger that anything you can visualise beyond your dreams. I have had the great fortune of seeing many people and young children through ‘Objective Clairvoyance’, which means, to see beyond a thought; simply people are ‘almost’ in an earthly body. Almost may not be the operative word, because when you see the spiritual body through objective clairvoyance, you see no age, pain, sorrow or sadness. Visually our ‘Spiritual/Etheric Body’ holds no imperfections. A spiritual message given through clear-sight is passed to qualify an individual’s survival beyond physical death. My only wish is that you are able to receive this information to support your forward movement in this life.

Your last point was about reincarnation. The phrase ‘reincarnation’ is often misused or misquoted; the next world is loosely likened to a revolving-door, a movement from one place to another. Life as we know and understand it is a natural purpose. All of the ups and downs we have in our lives are part of a greater plan. I know it is difficult for you at this point in time to understand, it isn’t easy to grasp, but there is a reason for all things. Reincarnation is the exception and not the rule. Below I have added a link to the ‘Teachings of Silver Birch’; you could find some of the transcripts enlightening and they may give you a greater insight into this subject. Nevertheless, I believe that a circle of events where a mother and child is not complete would not involve reincarnation, until the cycle of life in the ‘next world is complete’ all put into effect by love, through the reunion of mother/father in the golden light, that moves the wheel of life forward. Consequently, I see no purpose for your child to move in the form of reincarnation, beyond that of your reunion. There is a school of thought which believes that a miscarriage or loss of a young child may have its soul placed into another of your future siblings. Perhaps this might happen, maybe one in a billion, though I am not of this belief - other than I could be wrong, to this detail I must profess to leave to your own judgement........

My mother-in-law lost her baby sister some eighty plus years ago – she still thinks and misses her! So all I can do is to send you positive thoughts, hoping you gain some enlightenment from my few words. I wish you peace.

Showers of light and blessings



The Teachings of Silver Birch on: http://www.silverbirchpublishing.co.uk

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