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Re: Doctors in spirit?
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 14 October 2012
In Response To: Doctors in spirit? (Low)


This is a most interesting question, one that at first appears to be a simple yes or no, nevertheless there is far more depth to this enquiry that initially one may think. Subsequently, I will explain a little more to you. There are people who are qualified physicians and medical practitioners in the spirit world. Moreover, common-sense confirms that every conceivable skill is in abundance in a world that holds no barriers within the measurement of matter.

The whole of this world is a pale shadow of the ‘Eternal World of Light and Peace’. Life in this world is singular to most people; few members of mankind use their capacities beyond the sight and sensations of the near or immediate. Once the mantle of the material shroud is taken away, at the point of physical death, our true spiritual identity is stimulated and we are then able to explore a multi-dimensional world with all its great potential, opportunity and splendour. On entering into ‘light’ we meet a society of people freed from the limitations of this world. We will meet people from all walks of life; from the wealthy to the poor, knowledgeable to the academically uneducated. Yet, the measurement of this world stands for little, because the true essence of our spiritual growth is not measured by wealth, education, previous status, or power temporarily held in this world. It is the spiritual that is the measure and essence of our true-being!

The medically skilled like all professions and workers from every vocation are supported by spiritual entities that are able to help in one-way or another everyone’s development and aspirations. This is part of interaction between the ‘Two-Worlds’ and is a component of the natural process and interaction to aid and support the furtherance of the whole of society, and to those who at this point in time, live in this ‘World of Earth’. Therefore, the movement between our companions now in ‘Light’ is natural and most people who are as you said ‘Spirits’ are able to further their skills, through the movement of energy with this physical world.

How do the medically skilled help people in this world? In a nutshell they support people with an ailment or illness through our minds by the process of thought. In the case of the gifted spiritual healer, it is the application, movement and transfer of energy. Thought is the ‘golden key’ to all spiritual unfoldment and knowledge, as such a link within the chain leading to the great light of divinity. One must also remember that even the most proficient medical professional in this world, may not wish to help those here in this world. For example, the poet in this world may wish to be an artist in the next. Like my old doctor (now in spirit), it would be conceivable that he might wish to follow his lifelong ambition to be at sea; one may assume, he is now helping those who live and work in a maritime environment. Accordingly there is the natural link of ‘attraction’ with people in ‘Light’ who relate with like-minded people in ‘Earth’. To this end, you can connect with like-minded people to support with your medical needs, they can help, often unseen; still positive thought and effort on your part is vital. There are many wonderful ‘Spiritual Healers’ around the world, of course the special ones are truly gifted. All of us have a varying gift for healing and the more attuned spiritually, the greater is the chance for success. However one should be aware that the physical body possesses no gifts. It is our spirit from within, which reflects the ‘great light of all things’ and through this light we reach out to grasp our individual capacity which becomes part of the great whole.

The physical body is where our spirit travels through this life. Life and death is like a revolving door, for there is a time to enter this life and a time in earthly measurement to move out into the ‘Golden Light’. No one can stop this process. In the past, I have given spiritual healing to someone who was in the latter stage of their physical journey; the healing could only help them gain inner-peace and solace. When the time comes and the ‘grains of sand in our hourglass have gone’, no one can stop the inevitable movement and we must move forward into eternity.

I mentioned at the start of my reply this is a complex question. Do you wish to develop your own aptitude for spiritual healing or only seek answers? Of course I do not know your personal desires, though I am fully aware that if you open up your heart and mind there will be a connection with spiritual companions who can support your aims to help others who need spiritual healing, energy and comfort. Sadly though using the old saying: “Physician heal thyself” - the trouble is we can’t, it is for others that we seek and not ourselves.

A final note I would suggest looking at the ‘Teachings of Silver Birch’ you will find the website on: www.silverbirchpublishing.co.uk you will find some interesting and informative books that will help you to gain your own understanding about spiritual healing.

Kindest thoughts

In Light and Peace


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