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Re: Spirits
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 4 October 2012
In Response To: Spirits (Lisa)

Dear Lisa

When I receive questions that mention a tragic loss it is almost impossible to find words to take away the sadness you must feel. With anticipation the few words contained in my reply may help to support you through your loss and grief. The position you find yourself in at this point in time is more poignant when you have experienced a close attachment of emotion and love.

Perhaps if you look through some of my previous answers placed upon ‘Spiritualist Resources’ over the last three years, you may gain a better insight into the natural link between the ‘Two Great Worlds’’. Even so, I believe the measure of grief is greater when feelings of love are stronger and deeper. In a nutshell, where there has been a great love or a special bond, all makes for the grieving process to be harder and more painful. In spite of that, there still exists a connection with a loved one, who wishes to give reassurance and they are still only a thought away. The hope is to give comfort to the person who grieves, and help to make contact to confirm there is continuity of life. It is at this point where the process of positive thought, starts to come into play. Life is a continuum providing a union with our loved ones, family and friends, who have moved out from this world. Sometimes, one may see, hear or simply sense a loved one’s presence. Occasionally one may smell a particular fragrance, or perfume which stimulates and encourages the opportunity for spiritual contact. All of these factors provide humanity with knowledge of the continuous bond, which is held and brought together with love. Love is the bridge, which supports the interaction with our loved ones, who are able to intercommunicate with us in this world. Sometimes, perhaps on an odd occasion, we may also see our loved ones who now are resident in the great ‘Kingdom of Light’; this is through the landscape of a dream. Often we may see unfamiliar surroundings, vivid colours, or odd little things stimulate our recollection when we awake, to jolt our mind, and basically to help remember loved-ones we see within the dream. In dreams you may ask why does this happen? The answer is quite simple. Whilst we are in the state of sleep, the body is relaxed; as such we have the opportunity to travel into the ‘Astral Plane’, the anti-room of the spirit. For within the tranquil setting, of this buffer zone set between the ‘Two-Worlds’, we are able to temporarily meet loved ones and for both parties to gain support and comfort.

Again, I point to your question and reaffirm that loved-ones are just a thought away. If you cannot attend a Spiritualist Church/Centre may I suggest you try to spend a little time in a special part of your home? If this is not possible and you cannot find a suitably gifted medium perhaps this technique may help you. Take a little timeout to be in a room where you have had very shared happy times, reflect on those special moments and relax. Meditation helps, take away any fear, relax and sit comfortably with a slightly dimmed light or table lamp turned on. Perhaps listen to a little ‘light’ music, a few photographs or belongings which are special to you. Of course there are no guarantees other than to try and try again, relax your mind and think of loved ones, to help your thought process and work upon building a spiritual connection. You may see, hear, or sense you’re loved-one. But don’t rule out the possibility you may discover that through the ‘state of sleep’ a dream may be the optimum link with those you wish to connect with.

Finally the point about other spirits being around you, of course there are – good ones. Likewise what people cannot see, or feel, can lead to concerns because one problem befits people today, this is fear! Fear eats away at the heart of mankind. Sadly, nowadays we have witnessed the upsurge in sideshows where the talk is about ghosts and things that go bump in the night. All of this negativity and darkness holds back those who wish to open themselves to their loved ones who now live in the eternal world of light and peace. By taking away trepidation, you now have a tool to open the linkage between the ‘Two-Worlds’, a key, which if uncluttered with positivity opens the doorway to our loved-ones. Try to remember to think and concentrate upon ‘light’. There is a natural process of ‘like attracts like’, so, with peace in your heart, build up your happy memories, think of the good days and walk forward in this life until you meet your loved-ones in the celestial kingdom of peace and serenity.

I wish you every success in building upon your connection of love.

Showers of blessing, light and peace


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