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Re: Illness after mediumship workshop
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 27 September 2012
In Response To: Illness after mediumship workshop (Simone)

Dear Simone

May I thank you for a most interesting question, one that contains a great deal of depth? However I am surprised you haven’t asked the leader or medium who undertakes the mediumship workshop, perhaps you should. If the person is an experienced medium, one would assume they have the knowledge and understanding to answer you themselves. The question may at first glance appear to have an easy answer; in fact it is more complex than one realises. In this day and age, the desire for spiritual understanding is often clouded by a lack of spiritually. Competent teachers and mentors were far more widespread in days gone by. The reason for this is simple: In the past, mediums took years to unfold their spiritual capacities; in today’s fast moving world, it appears that patience is a gift often left behind.

I have taken a lot of time and thought on my reply. I feel that first of all one should step back a little to grasp and appreciate the dilemma which befits you and many other people, who are on their first steps towards spiritual awareness. One should classify whether the conditions you describe are by nature physical of spiritual. But first of all let us look at the question?

You mention a three-week workshop: are you sure you don’t mean a ‘Development or Spiritual Awareness Class’? You will need to get your own clarification on this point, but let’s look at the development of mediumship. Again, the first question must be: Are you gifted for mediumship or not? Inner motivation and why you wish to open your spirituality are fundamental questions, which you alone can only answer and should be at the heart of your desires and aspirations. If you are not gifted in mediumship, then seeking to grasp the rudiments of spiritual awareness may be the best course of action for you to take. Yes, we are all in touch with the great ‘World of Light’, but not everyone possesses the divine gift of mediumship. Mediumship in the present day is often looked upon as an easy root, which should not be the situation: it takes years and years of dedication, hard work, effort, commitment and only if you are truly gifted will you reach the most priceless of gems, a gift beyond earthly measure. Let’s look at a word so often used – ‘Development’! My spiritual teacher and mentor Jack Corbett likened the word ‘Development’ to that of building a new housing estate. Jack would use the analogy of ‘Spiritual Unfoldement’. Why? Simple because the spiritual gifts we enjoy are like the petals of a delicate flower. One should take time, be patient. Allow the petals to unfold gently least we cause damage. Slowly the unfoldment into light releases the essence of the gift; its perfume, fragrance and bouquet. The aroma is for others and not yourself.

So what should spiritual unfoldement do? Well most certainly it will not leave you with any physical afflictions, difficulties or problems. Our companions in ‘light’ guide, support, encourage and help all of us who at this point in time are travelling the pathways of matter. It is not within the concepts of spiritual direction to afford discomfort to those who take time to seek the wonders of the ‘Kingdom of Eternity’. Causing difficulties is not with the prerequisite of our companions in light, nor the workings of the great creator, the architect of the universe – the one man calls God.

Taking the points in the last paragraph, may I make a respectful suggestion? Seek an opportunity to be within a group of people who are likeminded and give spiritual support through balance, understanding and awareness of spiritual verity. Stability is essential whilst one is in the springtime of their gifts when they start to unfold. You need an advanced teacher and mentor, one who has passed the test of time. A teacher doesn’t have to be a well known practitioner, yet they need to have knowledge, be proficient and above all have commonsense. Like any form of teaching, a tutor should be rational and strong having the capacity to instil good values, ethics and comprehension of their chosen subject - in this case spiritual awareness!

Finally, may I suggest that if you cannot move forward, look for another spiritual doorway. I assure you the problems you allude to within your enquiry are ones which should be addressed in the group you are attending. I have added a postscript passed to me from my spiritual teacher many years ago. The information was given whilst I was in the early stages of unfolding my spirituality and mediumship. I hope these words help you to move away from doubt and into the serenity of your companions’ in light.

I wish you greater awareness of spiritual understanding

In Light and Peace


Postscript adapted to you from the ‘Chronicled Teachings of Jack Corbett’ (1910 – 1991)

Spiritual Awareness - Speaking through thoughts!

Life becomes a new and exciting way if you live within the companionship of the ‘Spirit World’. Our friends in light speak to us first through your thoughts, until they know our character, courage and patience. It is then that they can open up the inner ear, and spiritual contact becomes much easier. It is then that we become as one, as if we have settled ourselves down now in a train or a taxi, now that our spiritual guardians can reach our destination through our body, as you walk together in service of the spirit, in its many ways. You may say; I have had a thought, and one perhaps should remember that a thought travels quicker than light. Therefore, it is in less than a moment that a thought reaches you; our spiritual guardians know where you are and what you are doing. For they keep your company when you start your day, and are with you thought until when your day is ended, to give you rest.

Remember, the man that sows wild oats cannot reap a good harvest. Keep to the pathway the ‘Great Spirit’ has put you on. If a small boy asks about the stars, he cannot be told all; very little can be offered, and put over in a child’s way. For more education he must wait until he has grown a little older, for it is then when he can take the information in. Those in ‘Light’ long to tell you more for they love you very dearly, although this does not get over the difficulties of this life, we all must wait, learn and be patient. Knowledge comes as new information, like the fragrance of a flower you will recognise and understand when it in its own season.

Everyone is a part of the universe and love is the bond that binds us all. When the spirit is released and returns home, it is not separated for a moment from those who love it. They have just come to the end of the pavement, and where the pavement ends, life really begins for them in its fullest sense. If mankind does not accept life after death then justice surely demands that in this life he should reap what he has sown here, and not have to wait until he has moved on to the ‘Spirit World’. Mankind may find it easy to laugh at your experience; but if you have known truth, then walk away and think kindly to the sad mind that tries to hurt you. Life does not stop just because the material body has fulfilled its purpose in earth; it goes on without end. Death to some people seems as a dark mystery that ends everything. That is the penalty for not thinking, it is the misery that comes because they have not bothered to enquire, being so caught up with earthly things only. When will mankind open its mind to the fuller way of life that helps them to understand their purpose here? Walk on dear friend we know the heart may yet be sad and at times be lonely we are with you always until the day breaks and the shadows flee away. The fragrance of a good life abideth forever.

Mankind lives in the material world by seeing, hearing and feeling and is conscious of the world because of these gifts; spirit illumines the body. But, seeing and hearing are insufficient to reveal to him the ‘Spirit World of Light’ and the universe until they begin to open the ‘Spiritual Channels’ that are open to unfold. It certainly involves a change in conditions. A father and his small son are not separated because the son has at this stage only baby talk; they grow together in love and companionship and so reach the top of the mountain as one, to see the same scene.

Spiritual companions watch us now; as I did in those far off times; they are but a step away, reach out for they are with you always.

Given to Jack Corbett of Leicester 18th April 1984

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