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Re: past, present, future?
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 16 September 2012
In Response To: past, present, future? (pat)

Dear Pat

Many thanks for your initial question, which is one that many people talk about during general conversations and spiritual enquiries. Childhood communication with our friends in light illustrates how natural is the process of communication for children or in many cases adolescents moving through their early teenage years.

Why is this, you may ask? Well there are many schools of thought and obviously differing ideas. I believe that many people, for being a young child, find spiritual interaction more fluid, easier presenting greater capability than when we get older. Reasons for this spiritual connection are many. Part of the conundrum is that children have a purity of thoughts and actions, occurrences are seen as natural, and uncluttered with other people's perceptions, prejudice and opinions. Encumbrance of religious dogma can add to confusion, so young children are an open-book. The major problem that breaks down the communication in so many cases is simply fear. Fear, trepidation and fright are part of the human psyche; perhaps a psychologist might say an integral element of mind. I am not a psychologist, rather taking a spiritual perspective of this natural process of spiritual intercourse. Therefore I accept fear as a barrier to truth; yes it is a part of our physical life. In general terms, as we get older our companions in ‘light’ appear to step back a little, allowing us to walk the pathways and byways of the ‘World of Earth’, gaining knowledge, understanding and developing our individualities.

I was sorry to read about the neighbour's little girl who passed into ‘Light’, those many years ago. However, your thoughts are still linked to this sad part in your life. To me, this shows sensitivity, a vital element when you are hoping for spiritual communication between your mum and step-father. The description of smells and sensations of energy beyond the physical are not just imagination, more attuned to spiritual awareness. Indeed, imagination is the first faculty of the mind, without imagination we would still live in a world where no-one had invented a wheel - someone, somewhere must have imagined a circle, that turned into a wheel within their minds-eye. Perhaps that person looked up at the sun, or was inspired by the light of divinity, maybe, we will never know! Anyway, your imagination, curiosity and awareness are the starting point to seek to gain that spiritual link either at a spiritualist church/centre or through your own understanding.

It is sad you didn’t get the proof of survival you are desperate to gain. I am sorry to say there is no easy route, for some people it comes quicker than others. But there is the old adage: “If at first you don’t succeed then try, try again”. Please don’t think this is a glib reply. I assure you it is not. Let me explain a little more? You mention seeing a medium and not getting the information you wished for. There may be many reasons for this. All mediums work on a slightly different vibrational level, if the energy or spiritual conditions were not right (like tuning into a radio station – often difficult with interference), you may have a distorted message. Perhaps you will have to move a little further along the pathway of life, through its many experiences. I am aware that you live in the United Kingdom, possible in the North East. May I suggest to continue with your search, there are many fine mediums in the UK, look around, keep an open-mind, and try to remember that sometimes it takes a little longer until slowly the veil between the ‘Two-Worlds’ will opens, it just needs effort from both sides though ..................

In conclusion, your last comment was about picking up nasty things. I can assure you there is nothing nasty in the great ‘World of Light and Peace’. The comment you make, points to fear, a contributing factor which holds back our friends and companions who have moved beyond the limitations of this world. Fear is singularly built upon lack of knowledge, often increased with the rather ridiculous ghost type television programmes one finds in the media of today. Take heart - seek light and peace and your loved ones will support and follow you through the changing movement of time.

With Showers of Blessings


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