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past, present, future?
Date: 9 September 2012

I used to experience seeing, hearing, talking to (etc) other children and didn't realise no-one else could.

It was put down to "imaginary friends." In my early teens, we had a neighbour with a number of boys and a girl.

She used to talk to only me. She sadly died at a very young age.

Just over 2 years ago, mum and step-dad died on the same day. I had no indication of this, and was on "auto-pilot" for several months. Since then, I have remembered lots of times when I saw, heard or even got distinctive smells and knew someone was there. It's hard to explain , Things are very difficult and I'm wondering if all those things were just imagined.

I don't understand why mum or step-dad or anybody else have been contacted.

On my last visit to a Spiritualist church, some time ago, I was given a load of nonsense.. None of it made sense, and the "messages " didn't mean a thing. Guess my question, among all this, is will I be able to "pick up" again on loved ones, or any other spirit ? (I don't want to pick up nasty things.)

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