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Re: Doubt about modern mediums' strategy
By:Sophie <sophiejohnson123@btinternet.com>
Date: 8 September 2012
In Response To: Re: Doubt about modern mediums' strategy (Stephen Wakeling)

Dear Stephen,

Thank you for your painstaking, very gratifying reply. Let me first respond to this remark of yours:

'I am a little suspicious with this type of questions/statements, especially from a person who says they have little, or no, knowledge of spiritual matters. Yet you go into great depth on subject matter, which already possesses prior knowledge.'

I wish I could allay your suspicion! I actually have next to no experience of mediumship, having seen only two mediums demonstrate, the second of whom I described in disparaging terms. (The first one, quite different, I did not understand at all.) I came upon the 'survival of consciousness' scholarship, and on the idea of mediumship, only recently. But I have been reading frenetically. Hence the semblance I gave of 'prior knowledge'. It is in reality very piecemeal and undigested 'knowledge'.

I take your point that not all TV mediums are frauds, particularly since you mention Gordon Smith. Professor Archie Roy speaks very warmly of him. And I certainly trust the Professor.

I am more than ready to accept that the genuine mediums are as you describe them. And I am more than ready to believe that you are a genuine medium: The time and effort alone that you put into answering questions attests to that.

Please believe me when I tell you that I crave a meeting with a genuine medium. I need one, for I am hurting badly. I have emailed you to see if I can get to your part of the world. If I may, I'd like to email you again, with a plea that you point me to a medium who has your trust in/near my area. Would you kindly give me an email address I can write to? (I assume, since you did not answer the email I have already sent you, that I wrote to an address you no longer use.)

PS: The Barnum Effect (I misspelt it in my first post) is a psychologist's term to describe the tendency of people to 'personalise' very general remarks. And re Houdini, I was thinking of the really rather amusing spat between the two great friends, Houdini and Arthur Conan Doyle. The latter expressed his suspicion that Houdini is himself secretly a medium and can dematerialise, and Houdini opined that Conan Doyle's mediumistic wife is a victim of her own naivety. I am aware, though, that Houdini did much for spiritualism, not least by being very alert to fraudsters and fools.

Thank you once more for your reply. I shall read it again, several times.

Warm regards,

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