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Re: energy, meaning and purpose in life
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 7 August 2012
In Response To: energy, meaning and purpose in life (Anil)

Dear Anil

Thank you for your question. I am sorry for the delay in replying; this is wholly because I have been away in Scotland undertaking spiritual work.

The small amount of information you provide, gives only a general indication of the problems you relate to. As a result my prognosis is you have either a physical or spiritual difficulty at this point in time. Starting with the physical situation; I believe if this is the case, you should seek the support of a qualified practitioner, doctor or suitably authorised person, skilled with medical diagnosis and well-being of the physical body.

On the other hand if you are looking for spiritual help then my conclusion is to the point. I see from your description, all things indicate that you are out of balance and synchronisation with the spiritual. We are three bodies: soul, etheric and physical. When the physical losses stability, we lose focus and balance within ourselves. The essence of life is to gain the equilibrium; once we have this, life becomes less complex. Everyone needs to build and gain inner-peace, tranquillity and calm. Spiritual attainment links into one's need to acquire our own ‘balance’ contained by the nature of our very own being. All of the eminent teachings from the great Buddha to Christ and Mohammed to the knowledge held with the Vedas of ancient India, point to the same conclusion. Inner peace is the answer to developing a healthy, alert mind; once you have this, you will find a pathway which leads your life to a purposeful fulfilment.

You mentioned what a higher intelligence would expect from you. Perhaps there is some confusion on your expectations. Those who dwell in a higher plane of understanding, awareness and conciseness support and help all of us who are here in the ‘World of Matter’. From my personal perspective, I believe it is we who need to build and develop our own capacities through the experiences of this life we are now upon. We are not placed upon this world by chance, it is our own choosing, our experiences build our understanding, personalities, individuality and many other wonderful aspects of this life. Develop yourself through inner-peace. Look upon others and maximise yourself. Yes, live for today! But equally important live for ‘others’ and the future which is yours and awaits you out in the distant future.

In conclusion I wish you well in reaching your own inner-peace and tranquillity. Be patient, be calm and work upon your own spiritual unfoldement. Perhaps this spiritual anecdote may help you: ‘Often the gateway of the future lies in overcoming the problems of the past’.

In Light and Peace


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