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Re: learning
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 31 December 2009
In Response To: learning (skye)

I have given considerable thought to the question you ask. In the first instance, one has always to remember that we, at this point in time, reside in this the World of Earth, and do not have the power, or capacity, to summon-up any person who has passed over into light. The line of communication is determined from the World of Light, or as I refer to it, as the World of Soul and not vice-versa. I am aware there are those who profess to be able to contact specific people who have moved out from this life, but this is false and sadly irresponsible.

The problem is further fostered and exasperated by today's over dramatisation of psychic phenomena, or pseudo-trance. Nonetheless, the channel, or door to eternity, is never closed and there are many mediums throughout the world that have the genuine gift to receive and pass-on spiritual information about eternal continuity of life. There is always difficulty with a great tragedy, particularly when there has been a suicide, or a heartbreaking situation surrounding the passing over. Moreover, with young people there is the personal heartbreak, pain and anguish with the question of what could I have done? May I say, in this sad and heart-rending situation there is nothing that one could have done. The mechanism had started, but the love between the people you mentioned will grow and prove to be the bond that opens the spiritual door of communication between the two-worlds.

Some say time is a healer, but the pain is a scar etched upon your psyche and the memory lasts with us. However, we are all upon a pathway, and should try to take comfort that the bond of ‘love’ is eternal and this is the link between the two-worlds. There are many schools of thought that refer to spiritual knowledge. I have found that if you seek you will find. You ask where to start; I would say this process has already started, perhaps a long or short journey of enlightenment, yet one where you will find your peace and understanding.

Perhaps if you wish to gain more knowledge of Spiritual Matters, you may explore the pages of Spiritual Resources. Also, if you wish to e-mail me personally on stephen@stephenwakeling.com I can give you some contact addresses for your perusal; they may be able to help with your spiritual unfoldement.

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