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Re: spirit communication
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 29 July 2012
In Response To: spirit communication (richard)

Dear Richard

Thank you for your question. It may seem that with so few words the answer would also be succinct. If only this were the case, then a mass of literature spanning the pages of history would have given mankind the infinite answer by now – but it hasn’t. Perhaps if you look within yourself, the words you have written may through enlightenment become a little clearer to you. The choice of your word ‘spirits’ is interesting, the phraseology implies that people who have moved out from this physical world are very different. The fact is they are not. We are all ‘spirit’ by the nature of our being. Nonetheless, both you and I at this point in time are ‘spirits’ held within the restraints of the material world we reside in. The ‘soul’ or inner-light within us all, gives the totality of life both the physical and etheric realms of life, providing each of us with our existence. Communication is the link that unites the whole movement of people who reside in either of the conscious states of living.

Communication between the ‘Two-Worlds’ has been a continuum since the dawn of time as we know and understand it. The annals of time contain countless accounts of how spiritual communication takes place, being a natural process, and not an unnatural occurrence, happening at random, or without meaning or direction. From the great to the ordinary person, the inter-action between our companions in light has been a guiding light for humanity. It is well documented that spiritual communication has given politicians, philosophers, artists, scientist, and religious or spiritual leaders inspiration and direction for others to follow. Comparable with the likes of William Shakespeare to Claude Monet, Albert Einstein to George Washington and Ghandi to Joan of Arc, all inspired through spiritual communication. One may argue that because of inspiration, we all play a far smaller part in the movement of life, all of us inter-communicate through our deeds, actions and thoughts. Communication occurs through our normal mode of communication, sight, hearing, taste, touch and feeling. Some of my contemporaries believe we have a sixth-sense. I comprehend the ‘sixth-sense’ is just an extension of our other five senses, attained through spiritual awareness, understanding and development. Of course I may be wrong, this is my own perception within my awareness of spiritual matters – experience has taught me to accept and reject – if I am wrong, then I will stand corrected.

Putting your question into a finer point, I would look at the ways in which your own spiritual companions have inspired, supported and helped you though your physical life up to this point in time. Perhaps you may receive communication through your dreams, a point where the mind is relaxed and spiritual intercourse can be made easier. On the other hand, the key is to open your ‘mind’ to your own spiritual capacity. I assure you the communication is not easy. But one should always remember we are all upon this earth, at this point in time to gain important lessons. May I suggest patience, effort and like my spiritual teacher and mentor said: “Hard work and effort is the workbench of all knowledge and spiritual attainment”.

Finally I would propose you look at yourself and what you wish to achieve through developing your spirituality communication. Obviously, you are familiar with “Spiritualist Resources”, look through the pages and articles to see which you are drawn to. I gather from your e-mail address that you reside in the United Kingdom. If this is the case I would advocate a visit to your local Spiritualist Church or Centre. You will find there is a choice between the Spiritualist National Union, Christian Spiritualists and Independents; the choice is yours of which you wish to pick. Perhaps try them all in your quest for spiritual communication. I am sure you will find many people who will assist you upon your journey of spiritual communication, awareness and unfoldement. I wish you well on your spiritual journey. Gradually the veil of uncertainty will open and the world of ‘light and peace’ will unfold its beauty to you. The interaction of communication may be hard work though well worth the effort and perseverance

In light and Peace


PS. The Spiritualist National Union (SNU) website is: www.snu.org.uk

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