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Re: I have been cursed or something strange
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 8 July 2012
In Response To: I have been cursed or something strange (In America)


It may sound surprising, but I get a lot of questions similar to the one you sent to me. Nonetheless, each enquiry resonates with similarities, though each needs a great deal of thought and contemplation before I send a reply.

First of all let us look at the spiritual connotation? Nowadays there is so much talk about ghosts, curses and apparitions that many basic truths are clouded with inaccuracies and doubt. The movement into the paranormal and darkness has developed the major problem people have, and this is fear. The situations you describe have their starting-point in either the spiritual or physical. So first I suggest we look at the spiritual connotation. Again, I point to the growth in people exploring the paranormal; why you may ask, because it develops lack of knowledge, often creating problems within the psyche, particularly fear which includes foreboding, trepidation or anxiety. The reason for this is simple, because fear is built upon the unknown; this causes people to have clouded views of the interaction between the ‘Two-Worlds’ of earth and spirit. Fear is further compounded by inner-insecurities, doubts and misunderstanding. There is nothing to fear apart from fear itself. Fear is built upon superstition and ignorance of the natural law of life. The plain fact is, people who have lived their earthly existence have moved out beyond this world. At the point of physical death, we basically step out into ‘light’ which is just a breath away. The celestial world of light is a place of peace and harmony, where the people most certainly do not wish to return here to haunt or upset those still living within the movement of this life.

So now to the questions you ask within the first part of your text. I believe a core problem appertains to your lack of spiritual understanding. As such, I believe you need to speak to someone who has gained a comprehensive understanding of spiritual awareness and a person who possesses a common-sense appreciation of spiritual intercourse. I always direct people to grasp the importance of seek for ‘Light’; it is the key to spiritual growth and understanding and this straightforward comprehension shows us there is a natural interaction in a supportive way with people who have taken a step out into light and support those of us left here in this ‘World of Earth’.

Perhaps this answer sounds complex? All comes to you when you open up your spirituality, which is a step-by-step process. Look within yourself, then around and about, look into your life accepting the good and the not so good, it all plays its part in your spiritual unfoldment. Obviously, you have looked at Spiritualist Resources with its mass of information. Perhaps read a few books or magazines and look through the many avenues the internet offers. I take the assumption you reside in the United States of America: look at the National Spiritualist Association of Churches (NSAC) on: http://www.nsac.org where you will find a plethora of information, churches, meet ups etc, etc. There are two NSAC “Spiritualist Churches in Florida”. To help, I have placed them as a footnote at the bottom of my answer to you.

Now for the second part of your question which infers a physical situation. You mention a wide-range of superlative adjectives describing lack of sleep to headaches through to anxiety. May I explain though I have worked in the field of ‘Spirituality and Mediumship’ for many, many years I have no medical qualifications? Because of this alone, all I can suggest with matters of the physical is that you should seek the guidance of an appropriately medical trained person(s), or someone with relevant qualifications appertaining to the medical symptoms you describe in your question.

Finally you mention ‘Voodoo’. Though I have personal friends who were born in the Caribbean, I have had no personal contact with Voodoo, nor as it ever been a topic of conversation with my Caribbean friends. On the contrary, my friends from the Caribbean all tend to be strong Christians. It is my understanding that Voodoo originated in Saint Dominique, a slave island back in the 18th Century. At this point in history, slaves from Africa had their religions suppressed and the enslaved Africans were often forced into converting to Christianity. The religion of Voodoo is mainly practiced in the Republic of Haiti, occupying the western part of the island of Hispaniola, with the native language of Creole. The religion believes in a distant creator God called Bondyč. As Bondyč does not intervene in human affairs, voodooists focus their worship towards a spirit who is subservient to Bondyč, one known as Loa

Well this is all I know about Voodoo worship. Nonetheless I am of the opinion this is not the cause of the situation you are in at this point in time. Without being disrespectful to anyone who practices Voodoo, or any other beliefs, from a spiritual perspective I wholly feel that one should not delve in the lowlands of ignorance where they misguidedly waste their time, energy and thoughts. Look out towards light, embrace the simplicity of life, you - like all of us - are here in this early world for a reason. The reason is a kaleidoscope of variety and opportunity. At this point in time try to think rationally and responsively. There are two options for you. I feel that the second option is the pressing one! Once this is stable, then seek to open your spiritual awareness, come to terms with the ups and down of life and move forward. Light will always conquer darkness and doubt. Look for natural occurrences, not super-natural ones and peace will come to you.

With my thoughts and hope for better days to come for you.

In Peace and Light


Footnote Spiritualist Churches Florida USA

National Spiritualist Association of Churches on: http://www.nsac.org/churches.php

New Vision Spiritualist Centre

709 Edgewater Drive
Orlando, Florida 32804
Mailing Info:
Stacy K Davis
10509 Jepson Street

Florida 32825



Spiritualist Church of Awareness - NSAC

3210 N. Chickasaw Trail
Orlando, Florida 32817
Reverend Jean Kerr Lerch
Mailing Info:
PO Box 4010
Winter Par

Florida USA

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