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I have been cursed or something strange
By:In America
Date: 4 July 2012


I have been looking for someone to help me, I feel as though I have been cursed or something strange, i have been suffering from insomnia feeling of being toughed, sudden craings for cigarettes, change in my behavior i used to love going out now all i want to do is stay home, I am very depressed, very unlucky got into a car accident, terrible finances, relationship with father of my child is over, I am constantly angry at my 3 year old irritable from the lack of sleep, memory and concentration problems, migraine headaches, anxiety attacks etc. I feel a presence as though there is something around me at all times. I live in Miami Florida; alot of terrible carribean practices are practiced here like voodoo etc. I moved out of my apartment thinking it was haunted to my familys but I am having ther same problems here. This is something new to me I have never had this before. I am planning on moving out pf the state from the horrbile experiences I have had here away from this carribean influence.

Can you help me or recommend someone as yourself in America?

Thank you

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