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Re: Feedback about arrival in the Spirit World
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 31 December 2009

The question you ask is not too dissimilar to many others requested by people of different faiths, or beliefs. However, there are more answers to the question, because of its complexities and your understanding depends upon your personal belief, or the teaching you have received since childhood.

My spiritual teacher said the religions and beliefs are simply pathways, or roads. All of these pathways lead ultimately to one horizon; once there, we will extend our spiritual capacity beyond our wildest belief. Religion is often dictated by where we are born and to what family we are born to. I also believe that religion is necessity. This requirement should in essence provide stability and moral consciousness, hopefully to gain a world of equilibrium. Sadly, the process is miss-used and abused, owing to material desires. The true ethos lost in a process that affects many religions, inclusive of all schools of thought.

I was brought up within mainstream religion. But my personal thoughts belong to the attainment of spirituality, the process of awareness, which exists beyond physical life. Reference to the ‘Trinity’ this is not within my knowledge and capacity and a question more belonging to a theology scholar. May I suggest checking out Wikipedia for reference.

However, you do mention there being only one God. Indeed there is only one God. People’s views may differ; there is only one God. Whatever you call the supreme power is in essence irrelevant. But the power exists nonetheless. My preference for a name is that of the Native Americans Indian’s "the Grandfather of the Universe", but the name is irrelevant, not like the reality, which exists eternally. I am not sure about ‘dead-people’, physical death occurs to us all, except the spirit will endure forever to live in the World of Light for eternity, seeking perfection in the service of others. Death is only physical. The whole world is but the tomb of mankind. Our lives have been fashioned on the lives of those who have gone before us. The spirit endures and moves forward, out into the eternal World of Light in peace, and love, free from the restrictions of the physical. Believer or not, religious or not, we all move out beyond the portal of this life out into light. We shall exist and survive physical death, beyond this world, out into greater dimensions of knowledge and spiritual experience. The spirit is not dead, we are spirit, it is the spirit that gives life and is the essence of God, through his creation to support the development and fulfilment of all people to embrace life in oneness and love.

With your reference to what happens to people’s belief system when they wake up in the Spirit World? First of all, they do not go to sleep, in the way you mention. The Spirit World's belief system is built on a natural law and of oneness and total un-abiding love, free from prejudice, greed, self-desire; a world of harmonious love, peace, hope and opportunity – free from pain, anxiety and sorrow, in short you are in heaven, or the spirit world, it doesn’t matter what you call it – you are home and alive ...................

I have been working on some spiritual transcripts from nearly 100 years ago; perhaps they may shed some light on the subject on Christianity and Spiritualism. Though many years ago I believe this transcript gives a clearer insight than the many spiritualists’ views of the present day – the information is for you to make up your own views.

Christ and Spiritualism

Unfortunately, the word Spiritualism has been associated with so many misconceptions. Because of this it affords scope for misinterpretation, and for this thousands of people misunderstand the word and suppose that it deals only with forms of fortune-telling, ghosts, and must therefore be wrong and dangerous, and the work of the anti-Christ. It is often a subject open to amusement, or confusion. Not only do people know little or nothing about it, they can be aghast at the travesty they have created for themselves, once they gain understanding and realise they too can hear, see, once they have gained knowledge about the subject.

To all people who have knowledge of Spiritualism, this attitude is tiresome and regrettable; nevertheless it exists to-day, and in great force.

In just a few simple words on this point, Spiritualism is not the work of anti-Christ. All the teachings of Christ are to be found in the teachings of Spiritualism. Christ taught love amongst mankind, generous thought and generous help for one another - Love thy neighbour as thyself, and so on. Spiritualism teaches these same doctrines. Christ was filled with the Divine Spirit. He laid down laws upon which His disciples were to model their lives and their work, and in those laws you will find the laws which govern Spiritualism.

Because one of the disciples was a dishonest, weak man and because some of the workers then and now, in the churches of various creeds, have been, and are to this day, weak and sinful in their lives, you do not, any of you, think for one moment that the whole is bad and evil. You realise that the teachings of Christ were of the highest. Always He spoke of Love as the binding link and the force of all good. Spiritualism like many religions is spiritual based upon the same foundations. All its rules are the rules given by Christ Himself. All the creeds existing upon earth are based upon these same rules. They vary considerably in minor points. What one will allow, another will condemn. It is for the individual to decide which particular one is most fitting to themselves. Through their choice they will show their ability to grasp the meaning of God's laws and according to their individual development, so will they select.

The teachings of all are limited, but some, see further and understand more. Just as all roads may converge to a given point, so many creeds follow in the main the teachings of Christ, some by narrow little roads, byways, others by wide roads, and some by main highways. Spiritualism and Christianity are but God's different highways to the fulfilment of love, knowledge, understand and compassion.

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