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Re: New things
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 30 June 2012
In Response To: New things (Leidis)

Dear Lei

Thank you for your question.

I get a fair amount of questions within a similar vein to your sentiments, generally from people who profess to be mediums. Even so I find this type of question rather perplexing, when one considers they are coming from someone who profess to have the ‘gift’ and aptitude for mediumship. I have tried to put together the structure of your enquiry, which in one sentence implies you practicing mediumship, and at other points state you have difficulty remembering things and then being able to relay messages. Though you say you like helping people, your supposition is one in which you state you don’t know how you can move forward into mediumship. I have tried to unravel your words and to understand the point at where your spiritual unfoldement is in at this point in time. Confusion is my conclusion. Why? Simply because it would appear you need to put together the building blocks of spiritual awareness, understanding and comprehension. To cut a long story short, you need to focus your mind and spend more time unfolding your own spirituality. Confusion is problematic for many people, a situation where your perplexity is holding back your spiritual aspirations. Balance is an essential element, a cornerstone for all development – spiritual and material. The essence of ‘spiritual mediumship’ is to gain a clear mind and focus your energy upon grasping your spiritual gift and opening its potential for the benefit of humanity. I have seen a good few people over the years who say they are spiritual mediums – some are but many are not.

In the present day, there are too many people who say they are ‘mediums’. Perhaps, the lure of the mass media, self-delusion or misguidance that manifests through the desire to be a medium, rather than the reason for what ‘Divine Gifts’ you have become prevalent. The fact so often is time is not taken for developing their rudimental and basic levels of skill, needed to build spiritual attunement and capacity. Mediumship take years and years of hard work and effort, to open and unfold the link between yourself and your own companions, who interact in the great ‘World of Light and Peace’?

In the distant past people would ‘sit’ for spiritual unfoldement under a gifted teacher and mentor for many years. Today many want instantaneous mediumship – like a cup of instant coffee. The truth is so different! It takes years and years of hard work and endeavour to open this most wonderful of gifts. Of course, we all know that no person in this world is ever fully developed. I sat under the guidance of my teacher for 9 years; this was just the beginning of what is a lifetime’s effort of dedication, one that all mediums find out for themselves. Hard work is the catalyst for seeking out further and overcoming the barriers one most undoubtedly confronts. In simple terms, we all push back the horizons of our understanding through endeavour and fortitude. A simple anecdote from my spiritual teacher was: “Hard work and effort is the workbench of all knowledge and spiritual attainment” - oh how it has proved true over the years. One step forward, a step back – gradually the veil of knowledge opens. But the paradox continues with all aspirations for gaining knowledge – the more you learn the greater you realise how little you know! Spiritual mediumship really tests your metal; again a spiritual anecdote may help: “Blessed are they that gain knowledge, but more blessed are they that use their knowledge wisely”.

No matter what I believe, one has to accept that the foundations are the most essential building block for all mediums. If I may suggest that you develop and establish the basics, practice, practice and practice, when you are bored; practice your basics more and more. Look upon mediumship as natural, and not supernatural, for it is the life stream that runs throughout the whole of humanity, a movement that has taken place since the dawn of existence, and will continue until the end of time as we all know it.

So where do you get your knowledge from? First I advise you look within yourself, remember that common-sense is a most vital ingredient for unfolding your gifts. Next, look at the web pages of Spiritualist Resources, some things you may agree with, some you may not. Again, as my old spiritual teacher – Jack Corbett would say, accept and reject at will. When you read, or hear information, no matter what, if this fits within your comprehension, and sits into your understanding, great, so accept it – if not then the choice is yours to reject it. Once more the rule of common sense must prevail. This spiritual thought I received may help clarity about being a medium: “Mediumship is the capacity to receive and disseminate information and to transfer it into sense, through common-sense by taking away nonsense”.

The trouble today is, we hear more and more nonsense, which dilutes the work of genuine mediums, who work in light, truth and love. In this day and age, there is so much ‘Ego’ involved, one should be on their guard against the negative draw of the ‘Superficial – Self’. The ‘Self’ aspect of ‘Ego’ is complex, yet a core subject for spiritual knowledge. There are two types to be considered. The first, often called the ‘Superficial’ is the learned, a shallow part of mind and body, an egoic creation, which simply refers to selfishness, self-centred, self-egocentricity etc. part of an individual. On the other hand the ‘True-Self’, I or (I am), is the ‘Observing Self’ also referred to as the ‘Witness’. From the mediumship perspective it is the ‘witness aspect of self’, the component gaining from the great light of ‘divinity, which you may call God’. Perhaps, the ultimate is attained in our own relationship reflected through the ‘Enlightened Leaders of Light’ as with Christ, Buddha, Mohammed, or in more recent years with Mahatma Gandhi. This awareness is often described as emptiness itself, total atonement, at oneness, such is the startling testimonies of the world's great mystics and sages.

Perhaps this sounds complex? It all comes to you when you open up your spirituality, which is step by step. Look within yourself, then around and about, look into your life accepting the good and the not so good, it all plays its part in your spiritual unfoldement. Read books or magazines and look through the many avenues the internet offers. I take the assumption you reside in the United States of America, look at the National Spiritualist Association of Churches (NSAC) on: http://www.nsac.org there you will find a plethora of information, churches, meet ups etc, etc.

In conclusion I wish you well on your spiritual journey towards mediumship, gradually the veil of uncertainty will open and the world of light and peace will unfold its beauty to you, then you will see the hard work has been well worth the effort and perseverance. Good luck................................

Showers of Blessings


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