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Re: Drawings of people in Spirit
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 17 June 2012
In Response To: Drawings of people in Spirit (Stephanie)

Dear Stephanie

Thank you for the interesting account of your gift, and how it has started to unfold and develop since your illness.

My initial thought is that personally I am not gifted for spiritual/psychic art. As a result, I can only provide an answer within my own interpretation and knowledge of spiritual matters. Though I have an artistic disposition, I find this does not come to the fore within my own spiritual aptitude. But we all interact in the spheres of spiritual consciousness, because spirituality is not singular by its composition. All of our gifts interact in different ways; the interconnectivity and comprehension provides and offers wider parameters, which lead to greater understanding.

You mention your illness, this may have been a trigger-point in your life. A time when other matters were not of primary importance or your mind became more fluid for the interaction of spiritual expression, suggestion and expansion. In short, a period of time whereupon those spiritual companions who support you are able to draw closer to provide stimulation, inspiration and guidance. It has been well documented that may people throughout the annals of time have grasped great spiritual insight during the course of a period of prolonged illness. This has given many the impetuous for more attunement to their inner-self, and awareness of external forces who interject upon the ‘mental plate’ to inspire creativity and support personal development. Perhaps during your illness your physical life may have slowed down, giving your spiritual gift the ‘time-window’ needed to unfold your latent talents. A chance opportunity one may think? But I believe these moments within the time-frame of a life span are important indicators, providing a benchmark, or point of reference for our spiritual progression and growth.

You also mention about a medium who said the gift was given gift through illness. To this point I must confess that I totally do not agree. It is my belief that all gifts are ‘divine’ by purpose, and provided by the hand of the great creator, the one that man calls God. Each and every one of us has our own gifts. The physical body possesses no gifts; it is the ‘spirit’ that holds the key to greater things, through the use of our spirituality which in turn is the catalyst which support the whole of humanity. Please note I have attached a footnote from my spiritual mentor Jack Corbett’s teaching – the reference to God, is using the terminology of the ‘Architect of the Universe’.

I find the phraseology you use is indicative of spiritual aspirations, rather than those that fall within a psychic vibrational range. Your mention of pastel colours conjures up lightness, and also draws one into a spiritual conclusion, alighted to a more refined gift. Like all spiritual gifts, you are at the beginning. It takes years and years of hard work, endeavour and difficulties to unfold your spiritual gift. Try to remember that all who interact with the ‘World of Light and Peace’ are in effect mediums – and no one is ever fully developed. Perseverance and dedication is what you will need to further open your spiritual capacity. Seeing, whether ‘objectively’ or ‘subjectively’ (through the mind’s eye), is something your will have to work upon. Work at giving time for spiritual and inner-peace, unfoldment, and endeavour to take one step at a time. In a nutshell, be patient – the gift is fragile and precious – like a bright jewel, at this point in time uncut, needing refinement and polish to exact its true potential. For the true raison d'être for any spiritual gift is support of humanity, a reason so often lost in these days of self delusional people. I believe though, with your aptitude, you will stay within the parameters of spirituality and the gift will open and shine through with light and meaning. Why? Because with the old saying “practice makes perfect”, images will become clearer, along with detail and clarity, though this again takes time and effort.

You mention seeing a medium who has said - “how open you were given this gift through illness”. Being ‘open’ may cause concern, when one is speaking about spiritual communication. If this were the case, though I believe it is not, I would still suggest you seek a spiritual development class, where you can learn the rudimentary of spiritual intercourse. A good teacher is vital. Seek one who has knowledge and depth. I would suggest not a person who is held within the confides of negativity, doubt or befits views that fall into the realms of the paranormal. Spiritual mediums are in fact normal, natural and enriched by total light, peace and beauty.

On a final note may I suggest one of two possible avenues for your growth? One, try out your local Spiritualist Church or Centre. Or look at the many links on “Spiritualist Resources” (including on the board called Spirit Art at http://www.spiritualistresources.com/cgi-bin/art/index.pl) where there are others like Sophie Shapiro, a very gifted ‘Spiritual Artist’ who has vast experience in this discipline, who would be a great inspiration and stimulus for you to aspire to. Try to look for other talented people including those who have the talent for automatic writing, which you also mentioned. Further to what I have said, my gift is slightly different from yours, yet one point I have stood firm on is not to deviate from my primary gift; if you do, you lose focus, and the result is dilution, lack of clarity and diminishing. All will come clearer to you with time and as the spiritual gift opens and the veil of awareness is taken away.

Move forward, take your time and open the minds of others through your inspired drawings – I wish you well!

With Showers of Peace and Light



The Architects Plan

Uncut, unpolished are the great gifts that lay within you. Like the precious stones God provides you with that you may shine in his service. So, keep always within his pattern, for the architect knows the final plan for you. Mankind will come to you for aid and hope and so you will become as a light, to support many poor souls.

Guard your hasty thoughts and actions, which often lead to insecurity, sadness and regrets, then peace, will come to you. The soul must find it in true service with the ‘Spiritual and the Physical’. If you say, why am I sad; it is when the physical and the spiritual are out of touch with each other? Build upon the balance of the spiritual with the physical and gain inner-peace, understanding and consolation.

Thoughts are the things that you build with love. Let the spirit lead you through the door of the mind, until you come back home to my world. Gradually, the veil will be drawn aside, and you will see into this wonderful world of the Spirit. With all gifts that you are given you must earn the right to use them, create a passive mind and you will win through. Your family of spirit are always preparing you for your future with them; sacrifice is an in separate part of love, to be shared with all mankind.

Received in February 1983 by Mr. Jack Corbett of Leicester, England (1910 - 1991)

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