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Drawings of people in Spirit
Date: 13 June 2012

Dear Stephen. I have been on a very spiritual journey that started with illness. I saw things heard things, mentioned things I could not know about others passed loved ones and then in march this year I was really very poorly to the point I might not have made it. During sickness I started to draw with pastels as my family friend who was with me at the time was caring for me and she had bought pastels with her for her to draw herself but she said to me I wish you could draw what you see. Never ever being artistic in my life I picked up the pastels and started to draw. It was quite amazing what I drew within minutes. I now still do these drawings of visions I have and what I see around others . I have drawn faces exact to peoples passed loves ones that I have never met etc etc. I have seen a medium who has said how open I am and that I have been given this gift through illness.

I am just wondering how I go somewhere with this gift.

I can do a drawing of what is around someone in around 15 minutes and what comes out is amazing as I can not draw! If I try to draw when I am not doing this I am back to being able to draw nothing. but when I am doing this I feel so relaxed and calm and away from the world and can just draw what I visualise infront of me either around someone or just what I see. I have also done some quite unusual writing that I have found many times when I wake up in the morning but most of it looks backwards or upsidown. I know this all sounds rather strange but I would like some advice.

Kind regards

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