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Re: Confuse and over whelm with( I can feel, sense, hear and feel spirits).
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 9 April 2012

Dear Wanda

Thank you for your letter; sorry for the late reply but I have been away working. I have looked at your question, though to comprehend your specific points, I have had to try to unveil the point of this part of the question you are asking. You mention having issues at this point in time. I am taking the view you mean personal ones, which affect your daily life. I am not sure what you mean when you feel I know about them, sorry to say that I have no idea, the ‘Spirit World’ only allows any spiritual medium to gain an insight into spiritual issues and communication from the ‘World of Light’. Most certainly, no information is ever exchanged which would give an insight into another person’s private life. Why is this you may ask? Simple, we are responsible for our own lives and the circumstances and situations each of us have to unravel. Spiritual mediums only gain an insight into past, present, or occasionally future events. Though some of my contemporaries may profess otherwise, we are not party to the inner workings of another person’s personal minds, thoughts or actions. Mainstream Spiritualists will identify within their ‘Seven Principles’, number five to be precise - “Personal Responsibility” a point I personally agree with.

You mention your own gift and guardian from light. This suggests you need to look at opening your spiritual faculties and awareness of the communicative intercourse between the Two-Worlds. Each and every one of the human family possesses spiritual gifts. Indeed, the physical body has no gifts, it is the spirit that embraces the divine gifts we are given. You also mention you sense things! Again, this is an indicator of you latent spiritual capacity. Like all things, you need to understand and comprehend the simplistic workings of your particular gifts and how to use them for the benefit of other people. When you speak of working this out, again this is how we develop and unfold the essence of our spirituality, as if working upon the potter’s wheel of life – slowly we grasp the divine plan set before us.

The latter part of your question mentions confusion, and the content of the words leaves me a little confused. However, taking my thoughts out of the equation, I am of the opinion you need to talk face-to-face with a person who is well disciplined in the subject of ‘spiritual mediumship’. A teacher with knowledge, depth, understanding and comprehension of spiritual truths is my recommendation for you. Hard as it is, to find such a person who is in unison with your own aspirations, but there are people with the common-sense knowledge of spiritual matters. It is written in the Bible “Seek and you will find”. There are books, the internet and whether you reside in the United Kingdom or the Unites States of America, there are national organisations with principles and practitioners that are well versed and competent to teach you the core-skills, so you can use your gift(s) correctly.

To the words you write as to what kind of person you are: My thoughts are you are what you are, yet you can always improve and be a better person, by letting the light into your heart and mind. I wish you well and hope your temporary state of confusion evaporates like the morning dew on a summer’s morning.

I have placed a ‘Footnote’ at the end of this reply to you. The information is from my Spiritual Teacher Jack Corbett, perhaps it may unlock your mind and allow the confusion you mention top recede and move away.

Showers of Blessings

In Light and Eternal Peace - Stephen


The Architects Plan

Uncut, unpolished are the great gifts that lay within all of us. Like the precious stones which the ‘Great Creator’ the Architect of all things, provides us with so that we may shine in his service? Keep always within his pattern, for the architect knows the final plan for all things. Mankind will comes for aid, and hope, so within spirituality you may work to become as a light, to support the many poor souls you meet.

Guard your hasty thoughts and actions, which often lead to insecurity, sadness and regrets, then peace will come to you. The soul must find it in true service with the ‘Spiritual and the Physical’. If you say, why am I sad, it is when the physical and the spiritual are out of touch with each other?

Thoughts are the things that you build with love. Let the spirit lead you through the door of the mind, until you come back home to the ‘World of Eternal Light’. Gradually, the veil will be drawn aside, and you will see into this wonderful world of the Spirit. With all gifts that you are given you must earn the right to use them, create a passive mind and you will win through. We of Spirit are always preparing you for your future with us; sacrifice is an in-separable component of love, to be shared with all mankind.

Given to Jack Corbett in February 1983

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