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Re: My very special dog
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 18 March 2012
In Response To: My very special dog (Jane)

Hello Jane

Thank you for your question which I understand gives reference to an answer I wrote way back in 2010. I must say how sorry I am to hear of your loss. Like you, it is hard to understand and grasp the situation your in, because with grief and bereavement there is measurement of time in which the sadness gradually starts to diminish. I believe where there is a great love, the love never dies, fades or goes away.

I have looked at my answer which gave reference to my old Labrador Suzie. Again, like you, my thoughts are often with her, I still laugh about the times I had with her whilst she was in this physical world. Time does move on and since she completed her earthly life span, I have had other Labradors. Today I have another rather elderly male chocolate Labrador called Chester, he is also fourteen. Sadly, I am aware that in a future day, we must in a physically sense part. Still, I know we will meet again beyond the ‘Golden Dawn within the World of Light’.

You mention that the words in my previous post have given you partial comforting. It may surprise you, but your response is nothing more than I would have expected. Words alone can only comfort and give counsel and support. We all walk upon this earth; during our journey we have many experiences, good or bad, happy or sad. None of us knows everything, though the lessons of this life are fundamental for our spiritual attainment and attunement. Without experience we will not grow. Alas, any passing of a loved one is reflected within the depth of grief, sadness and sorrow. These words were immortalised by the great ‘Poet Laureate’, Alfred Lord Tennyson who composed the words: “Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all”.

Inspired words when answering spiritual questions are received to act as a simple signpost, helping the traveller along the journey of their own life. Each one of us must walk and experience our own journey. Our spiritual development and comprehension is determined upon the ‘wheel of life’. We seek to gain inner-strength, fortitude and peace upon the ‘Potter’s Wheel’ of life. We have to shape and build through disappointment and triumph, which all guide our growth through spiritual reality and verity.

You mention that your canine friend had cancer. Whether your dog knew of the illness you mentioned, or not, will have no reflection upon you. We have a physical body, which through the ravages of time is responsive to the changing effects of age and getting older. The physical body, designed by the hand of the great creator, is not capable of eternal endurance. Yet, the spiritual body survives physical death, to enter beyond this dimension, out into the world of light and peace. The last few words have been handed down to us from the dawn of time; they are spiritual truth, never to be lost, or destroyed and will always be a truth! Your loving pet, like all creatures of divinity, simply moved from one energy field out into a world that awaits us all, a world which is just a breath away, in spiritual peace and harmony for all time.

May I suggest you try to set your mind to think of the happy days? Remember the love and light, and try, hard as it is, to think of that far off future day, when love is reunited for all in the Summerland of peace?

I have attached a poem my youngest son David wrote after our second Labrador Roscoe passed into light. I know David still misses Roscoe; he keeps a photograph of him at his bedside. They grew together and I am sure linked for all time.

In Peace and Light



‘The Light of your face’

Why now in my life must this story come to an end?

Our love and our friendship have lasted my friend

But still outside I must not show

The feelings of sorrow and loss that I contain below

But now is the time for me to be strong

Our lives to be separate and you to pass on

Into a world where not much is known

But, one thing is sure you will not be alone

And when I gaze up into the evening sky

The guiding light of love which was the glint from your eye

Will shine down on me and then I will know

That our sacred love will forever glow

But now in my life, this tale at an end

You no longer live, but remain my best friend

So now outside, I've started to express

The joy of your life, that god let us bless

And for every moment my soul is tuned in

I will see the light of your face, shining from within

For this is the time for me not to forget

The brightness of your life not the sadness of your death.

Words by David Wakeling

October 12th 1998

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