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people who have died
Date: 29 February 2012

There was a male from my past, esp the month of Jan. 1970. He played a very instrumental part in my life and died 36 years ago. For the past month I have been consumed with thoughts of him. Sometimes 12-20 hours a day. I've been very weepy and moody also. Is he with me? How can I know. Can you give me specific things that proves you see him. or something only he and I would know. Please help me thru this. I can't go on with thoughts of him daily and being so weepy. At times I feel he wants me to join him. The only thing stopping me is I know I'd go to hell if I killed myself. Will I se him again after I pass? Is he in heaven? At times I wonder, knowing things about his life on earth. You could e-mail the answer. If you are for real and can help me with this, I would be willing to pay for help. ASAP PLEASE!

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