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Re: Could I be gifted?
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 4 March 2012
In Response To: Could I be gifted? (Lina)

Dear Lina

The question you raise is one which is often asked by people who have an interest in spiritual or psychic matters. When one first delves into this subject, it is often difficult to rationalise the simplicity of what in reality is a natural occurrence. There is so much nonsense spoken today, which tends to confuse rather than enlighten people’s understanding of the interaction between the ‘Two-Worlds’.

Regarding asking mediums whether you are gifted or not: Well the realisation is simple. Every one of us, throughout the family of humanity, is gifted. The only uncertainty is to what degree or depth your own personal gift can aspire to. However, you mention your own sensitivity and this is an indication of your own capacity for this special gift of spiritual mediumship. You also mention seeing shadows. The reason is that again, like all of us, you may have seen the ‘form of spirit’ without even knowing it. But now your conscious thought is starting to attune to high vibrations. Try to imagine your gift is like purchasing a new pair of spectacles. At this conjecture of time, you reside in the world of matter, trying to glimpse the world of light and beauty. As I have just mentioned, the frequency of vibrational levels operate at a higher level; as such your spiritual capacity needs to be attuned. The attuning of one’s gift may take years and years of unfoldment, and it must be recognised that no one is ever fully developed as a medium. So like the analogy of the ‘spectacles’ you need to be trained, supported and helped by an advanced spiritual teacher, mentor and trainer. It takes dedication if you want to start fine-tuning your spiritual aptitude. Like the optician, the adjustment is not easy for getting clear sight. At times your sensory ability will (if the gift prevails) allow you to see either objectively, or subjectively. Sight of course is just one of our senses, each operating to stimulate the work of supporting others in the precious gift of mediumship.

May I suggest that you not just read books, try to comprehend the movement of life through the stories of other people? Look and observe the beauty of nature in all its seasons and splendour. Knowledge is the life of mankind. Read and digest, look and observe, and widen your mind, for the mind is the key to all things. Accept light and there is no darkness or fear. Fear is the barrier to spiritual comprehension. You mention the word ‘haunting’! There is too much talk about the paranormal, the thought builds fear and holds back those loving souls who now live in peace, harmony and light. The community of people who live in the fullness of light and love don’t haunt you – why should they? The next world is a place to advance your mind and being, whereupon darkness dwells in the lowlands of ignorance and fear.

Finally, may I say a little about terminology of being a ‘normal’ person? Your phraseology I believe suggests whether a medium is normal. I can’t speak for others, but my life is normal, simply because the ‘Spirit World’, or as I prefer to say, the ‘World of Light’ is natural, bright, clear and full of love – there is nothing so natural, normal and enlightening.

Seek and you will find, so have fun in your spiritual endeavours.

In Light and Peace


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