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Could I be gifted?
Date: 3 March 2012

Hi stephen, im Lina, Im from Colombia South America, and today i decided to go to internet and serch about mediums. I have seeing 3 persons that have this gift, and they all told me about me being one. I don feel stuff, i am very sensitive. I have seeing entities but i cant not see them perfectly just the shadow, but also without seeing them i can tell u how it looks like, is strange.

Well Im in the university right now, i have a busy life, but i think entities try to communicate with me in some point. I dont know what to do because i get afraid sometimes.... U know? Im really "new" at this even thought i felt it all my life. I dont know if it is correct to develop my hability, if it is good to my future.

Im just trying to contact people that can really guide me and tell hows is to be a medium, can i be a normal person?, or ill feel kind of hanted the resto of my life?

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Could I be gifted? -- Lina -- 3 March 2012
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