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Re: Mental illness
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 27 February 2012
In Response To: Mental illness (Jade)

Dear Jade

Thank you for your sad and poignant question.

My first observation is your reference to mental health. I am conscious of the complexities that befit many people who have forms of mental disorder, though I am sorry to say that I am neither a doctor, nor health specialist. I am unable professionally and ethically to comment on health issues because I have no expertise in these qualified professions. As such, my answer can only be one from my own spiritual interpretation and capacity, because of this.

Nonetheless, I am aware of the unbalance which affects so many people in the world, particularly the young and vulnerable. Even with my limited knowledge of mental health, I am conscious that the terminology describes levels of well-being and the consequence which may stop an individual's ability from enjoying their life. Mental health can also be defined as an expression of emotions, and as signifying a successful adaptation to a variety of demands. Now, let us look upon the spiritual aspect of our persona. First of all, may I draw your attention to a school of thought, who believes that all of us are here in this life, at this point of time, living through changing emotions, events and opportunities to develop our spirituality? Whether you believe this or not, one has to realise the movement of life is for a purpose. Perhaps, this is the pattern of our physical life - ups and downs, happiness and sadness. Irrespective of our personal beliefs, all people realise that life, at times, is difficult for everyone one of us. Yet unfolding your spirituality helps to balance the most important element of the soul our mind! Happiness is a state of mind, each of us having differing perceptions on being happy or sad, lonely or fulfilled. The movement of life does change its course; unfortunately when you are young it may appear slow, but as time moves on, it will certainly speed up.

You mention suicide. It is pleasing to note your very objective view on this sad subject which affects so many people particularly those who are young and in the prime of their lives. You must have thought long and hard; I am sure that you have taken the right decision, no doubt an indication that not all is so sad and lonely within your life. Yes I am sure there are new lessons and many positive opportunities to come for you. It is now that is vital and important, yet the light within your thinking is a massive turning point for you. Your thoughts are integral within the movement of your mind, so all is not lost, all is awaiting you. All I believe you need is to be more assured in your thinking. Allow your spirituality to enlighten your mind, think positive and move forward, there is so much to look ahead to!

In your last paragraph you lament about God and putting you through it. May I suggest you look beyond God? It is God who is the divine light of all things; it is through divinity that we all have life, in all its shades of colour, vitality and fragrance. God allows and permits, not to judge for it is we who judge ourselves. Think not of God as an excuse, but more as a means of total fulfillment whose divinity gave all that is within and beyond us. It may take time and effort, moving through the emotions merry-go-round of life, but your saddened tears will go away and be replaced with light, happiness and peace. You are as important as any other person, whether they are with this life, or have moved out into eternal light.

I wish you well as you move forward with you unfolding life, may it bring you the riches you deserve.

Showers of blessing


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