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Re: Purpose
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 19 February 2012
In Response To: Purpose (Eraj)

Hello Eraj

In the first instance, may I use the Arabic welcome and say salaam alykum wa rahmat Allah wa baraktu to you. The question you pose is not unusual; there are many people who seek the same, or a similar answer to the question you have asked. Occasionally, in this life we gain an indication, or clearly realise the reason for our earthly existence. Over and over again, owing to our physical limitations, we fail to understand the full purpose of this life. Occasionally we do get a glimpse, a realisation of our earthly pathway, sometimes whilst in a period of tranquility, where we gain inner-strength and inspiration.

If you were to look upon the lives of some of this world’s great visionaries, or spiritually evolved people, they have a singular inspirational vision, or particular situation which becomes a defining moment in their life. However, for many people it is less clear, and at times one may feel lost, disillusioned or lacking in self-belief. There is a purpose for all people. Why, because each and every person is an integral part of the family of humanity. Perhaps, the part we play may seem to be very small, despite the fact that everything is within the movement of a greater plan. The problem we face is gaining the concept of the greater plan, and realising that we are a vital part of the mechanism of life, both here in earth and eventually within the divine light.

May I suggest you take time to look at all of the ‘positive’ things you have done in your life up to this point in time. Positivity is the link to extend your own capacity. Constructive thought will alleviate doubt, so you must be open-minded, optimistic and objectively take away negative thoughts. Accept who and what you are and know that you have the capability to improve and develop your own spirituality, through service to others. Knowing yourself within and taking away the negativity lifts your soul, illumes your mind and support your happiness. Please try to remember that happiness is a state of mind. Where there is doubt or negativity, alter your mind set! Allow yourself to be the best of whatever your gift allows you to be. Live your life and allow yourself to be you. Yes you are an individual, still part of the lifeblood of divinity and special within yourself for being you, part of a supreme energy of the universe - God………

Finally, you mention having psychic powers. Power is a strange word I would rather say a ‘divine gift’. Nonetheless, may I point out that we all have gifts – psychic or spiritual, they are all a manifestation of the supreme energy of God? Many people wish to contact their ‘Spirit Guides or Companions’. Why? It is they who contact us, are in touch through our natural sensory abilities. To many they appear distant or even inanimate objects. The truth is they interact with everyone, throughout and beyond this life. In simple terms, they are highly evolved spiritual people who draw closer when the need arises. You may be totally unaware of them, it doesn’t, matter. Communication is through the mind, either by direct thought or inspiration. My advice is not to worry, allow your spiritual intercourse to take its natural course – when the time is right they will make themselves known to you. When will that be? Simply when the time is right, for you to extend your service and open out your spiritual competence!

I wish you well. Do not worry - take your time and develop your inner strength and spirituality.

In Light and truth


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