Medium Stephen Wakeling Answers Your Questions

By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 12 February 2012
In Response To: IVF (Petal)


This is an interesting question, which offers some thought provoking answers. Whereupon one should realise that any answer can only be within the comprehension, or spiritual understanding, of any individual including myself. From reading the question a couple of times, I feel part of your confusion is you are looking at these points you raised from a singular dimensional perspective. Sadly, this life like the next is multi-dimensional. Confusing, not really; look at yourself? You are a different person to all of the people you know, each see you within the varying aspects of your life. To one person you may be the font of all knowledge, to another the total opposite. In this life, and the next there are points we understand and others we don’t – perhaps this is why spiritual development is key to all individuals reaching the zenith point in their unfoldment and universal wisdom.

In the first instance you mention a child choosing its parents. A point debated by my contemporaries, past and present since the dawn of time. I believe this in general is the case, yet there are always exceptions to any rule. Would one wish to have parents who punish or even murder their children? One would assume the answer is NO! But, what about the great divine plan? Our physical life is part of an unfolding narrative, which is involved in a collective plan. I am afraid on this point you must make up your own mind. You mention a lady who through IVF conceives a child. GREAT!!! If this makes a woman happy and a child gains a harmonious, loving and caring upbringing, then thank God for medical science!! I am not sure about the word ‘tampering’ with. The inference is not within my thinking. If God had wanted humanity to stand still, we would be locked in ignorance, at the birth of the human race. What is right and what is wrong are questions which will lock people of greater knowledge that me, into debate for all time. Science opens the corridors of life, widens our horizons and is capable within medicine of great things, relief of pain, happier living and comfort to the mind.

You also mention the word ‘barren’. This is another word which conjures up a negative image and throws my mind back to my distant youth. I go to a time when many women were ostracised or considered ‘lesser’ if they couldn’t conceive children. Not pleasant – perhaps this is why God gave medical science the ability to create ‘In Vitro Fertilisation’ or as you said IVF. Perhaps God has altered in your words ‘the natural order’ – to the many ladies who can now, through IVF, have a child to love and a life where they feel totally fulfilled I would say thank you GOD.......................................................

I hope your worries of a person being destined to be barren are now eradicated. I am not sure what (idk) means, so I cannot give a reply. If as you say a person dies by the natural order, then the process of ‘cause and effect’ comes into the equations. If a women passes from this life into the ‘World of Light’ and leaves a child, then it is destiny. Life and physical death are revolving doors on the wheel of life. Our companions in light support us all and everything is moving, nothing is still. All will be understood when we take a very small step, out from this world into eternity. Well, that will be when the great creator calls each and every one of us, back to the homeland of peace, light and total love........................

I hope this helps you to reach into your heart to understand the mechanism of spirituality?

In Light, Peace and Understanding


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