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Re: Alzeihmers
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 12 February 2012
In Response To: Alzeihmers (Petal)


Thank you for the question on Alzheimer’s. First of all may I spend a few moments clarifying Alzheimer's disease (AD), which is known within the medical fraternity as a common form of dementia. To-date there has been no cure found for the disease, which progressively gets worse, eventually leading to physical death.

It is the German psychiatrist and neuropathologist Aloysius ‘Alois’ Alzheimer, born on the 14th June 1864 passing into light on 19th December 1915 who is credited with identifying the first published case of ‘presenile dementia’, which was later identified as Alzheimer's disease. AD is most often diagnosed in people over the age of 65; although less prevalent the onset of Alzheimer’s can occur much earlier. It is predicted that Alzheimer’s will affect 1 in 85 people globally by the year 2050. Once the disease advances, symptoms can include irritability, confusion and aggression with polar mood-swings, difficulty with language, and the advent of long-term memory loss. Steadily, all bodily functions are lost; when the sufferer starts to decline, they frequently step away from their family and society.

Now back to the question in hand. Obviously, I am not a medical practitioner, nor medically trained, therefore my answer falls within the realms of spiritual knowledge and comprehension. First of all, one should look at the physical life of anyone of us. We are innately spiritual by nature of our being. We have three parts: the physical body, the spiritual or etheric body and the soul, the ‘great light’ of all things. Whilst we are within the sphere of earth, we live inside its laws and restrictions. Our physical life span may be a solitary moment or 100 years or more.

The difference with the physical body is that it is responsive to time, ageing, illness and physical limitations. Perhaps an analogy of a motor vehicle may help? You may buy a brand new car, shining in pristine condition. But, time and wear take their toll, gradually the car wears down, parts have to be replaced and with age, more need is required to keep it in shape. With the ageing process, the problems of increased break-downs and slowing down are considered the norm. Time and tide wait for no man; no matter what you do, replacing broken parts, having a re-spray (in this life a face-lift), time takes its toll. Nothing alters the fact; the car will ultimately be recycled in the breakers yard. Whether a car, or a physical body, we are subject to the changing movement of time. In short, we get older until we are ready for our movement into the great world of light and peace. From my spiritual teachers knowledge I learnt a great lesson: ‘the whole of this physical world is the tomb of man, but our spirit will move forward out into the golden dawn and beyond’.

Some schools of thought believe we are held between the ‘Two-Worlds’. From my perspective, nothing could be farther from the truth. Once the movement of this life is complete we move out into a celestial setting, out from pain, anguish and sorrow. Yes, we are attached by means of a simple process - thought held within our mind!

Towards the later stages of our physical life, we step closer to our eternal homeland, drawing closer though the concept of the mind. In many cases pain just simply slips away, though we retain the memory of events in this life. Try to remember the vital role of ‘memory’ which is an integral component of the mind. The movement from one energy field (earth) goes out into the divine setting in the Summerland of peace, gaining joy and happiness. Now at last this journey is complete, the cycle of life complete, so now for that greater journey in the realms of eternal bliss..............................

Whilst we are in the physical body, we live within this world, yet we are still attached to the spiritual dimensions through the ‘chord of light’. Until the moment of physical death, we are still within this world. At the moment when the ‘chord of light’ is severed, we are released into the spheres of the spiritual. As a result, whether we have suffered with Alzheimer’s, cancer or simply old age until the moment of release, when the chord is broken, we are either in ‘Earth or in Spirit’. Yes, we are always between ‘Two-Worlds’! Why? Because we are spirit and we are always attached, the problem is that many people don’t realise this and are hell-bent on gaining short-term gain - material acquisitions and profit. In the end, matter will count for nothing, if our efforts have been singular and detrimental to others. At the end of our physical life, matter is essential, but no longer anything more than a memory. Memory may be lost through the disease Alzheimer’s; this is because ailments of the physical body, in this case the brain, a progressive illness. Once we have moved forward into the ‘World of Light’ all of our faculties are renewed – because all things have their creation in spirit.

I hope this helps with understanding the simplicity of life. Measurement is not material, it is spiritual, because one day, we will all move out into a world that is only a breath away.

In peace, light and spiritual attainment


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