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Re: Relationship with friend
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 12 February 2012
In Response To: Relationship with friend (Mukesh)

Namaste Mukesh

Occasionally I get questions with little content; of course they are extremely difficult to answer. With only four words, it is almost impossible to provide a coherent reply. It would be easy for me to reject the enquiry, though in this case I will try to provide a reply using my intuition. Nevertheless, may I explain a little about my work as a spiritual medium? Spiritual mediums use a divine given gift to interact with people who have moved out into light. The gift when the conditions are right, allows the transfer of messages of comfort and to articulating spiritual information for the benefit of humanity. Fortunately or unfortunately, I do not possess the gift of prediction or future telling. Yes, spiritual mediums do get glimpses of what could happen, though this is not the primary part of their gift. The main fabric of our aptitude is to give ‘proof’ of survival of death beyond our physical life. These days, there is a great desire by some people to be all things to all people! Perhaps these new protagonists are lured by the material desire of fame, fortune and self-want.

I have given thought and contemplation about your question which provides so to work upon. Therefore, I will not be able to go into great depth with my reply to you. Even so, it appears you are going through a very hard and trying period of your life. Try to look upon your life as collective series of changing experiences with many lessons to be learnt, each in differing circumstances. The movement of life is like the water that runs through a river. Sometimes water flows very slowly almost stopping, and you can gain a feeling of tranquillity, at times life is calm and still. Yet, there are other times when the flow of life is swift, turbulent, and fast flowing, throwing producing hazards and uncertainty. Rapids, undercurrents and torrents are all part of the movement of a river, an analogy of the mechanism of this life. Materialism and the rapid movement of today is a reflection of shallowness, greed and want. We all wish for better things, but the balance of life ebbs and flows like the great seas and oceans of the world.

My conclusion is: your question gives me inference of emotional need. Emotions are a fundamental element of the mind and are reflected through the movement of our lives. Happiness is what we all seek, though when we speak of contentment involving others, we have to be careful and realise that others's emotions are involved as well. Care is the optimum word to use in the situation, at this moment in time. The whole cycle of events has not unfolded and so making decisions would not provide the ideal scenario. My advice is wait, be patient and realise others are involved, because of this you need to be thoughtful and allow time to be fulcrum. Without balance you will not find the happiness you seek.

May you reach that which you seek and gain balanced happiness? I am sorry with limited information I am restricted in my reply.

In light and Peace


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