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Re: Developing my subjective clairvoyance
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 4 February 2012
In Response To: Developing my subjective clairvoyance (Stacey)

Dear Stacey

Thank you for your e-mail and taking the time and patience to redirect your question to ‘Spiritualist Resources’. Just to confirm that owing to time restraints I only answer spiritual questions through one single website: www.spiritualistresources.com which is based in America, and provides a second to none portal for spiritual knowledge and teaching.

I have read with interest the content of your question, finding your opening remark very interesting. Having a busy mind is extremely valuable for unfolding the often latent capacity of your spirituality. Busy minds are often more receptive, fluid and possess flexibility which allows your spiritual companions to project thoughts for your dissemination and interpretation. All useful for spiritual growth; there is nothing worse, one would suppose, than a boring, lacklustre, singular, or closed mind. It is difficult enough for the ‘World of Light’ to influence us who at this point in time are held within the world of matter.

When in conversation about your mother's meeting with a clairvoyant, you mention awareness of spiritual matters. The sensation you speak about is basically a change in what we call ‘conditions’. You were aware of an energy change, through an altered state of consciousness, grasping an opportunity for your friends in ‘light’ to draw upon your inner-most spirituality. You use the terminology of the ‘mind’! The mind is the key to all things. The spiritual mechanism, which, when unfolded, is the building block that supports the spirit world’s ability to use a medium's gift, to build a bridge between the ‘Two-Worlds’. The simplicity of your words encapsulates the natural process of spiritual intercourse. The wondering, introspective mind is the solution to your question.

The ease of the interaction of spiritual information simply shows your capacity to open the gift of mediumship. But, now for the challenge! Gifted yes, we are all gifted, each of us gaining, or grasping sight of a facet of the diamond of spirituality. All that you describe is the opening of your own gift. Sometimes our early awareness of spiritual matters gives the impression of being easy. Our early awareness has no hold backs, perhaps being novel and less complicated. Yet, developing the gift takes time, perhaps years of endeavour, hard-work, persistence and dedication. All mediums need to be trained, on what, and what not to do, how to present messages and most importantly to have inner-strength and dedication. One point to always remember: the gift is only valuable when used in service for the benefit of other people. Sadly, a point often missed today, is when one thinks about the growth in mediums egos, which often surpasses their ‘divine’ gift.

Now back to your question are you a subjective clairvoyant? I must profess I do not know. I am not in a position to make such an assertion. With limited knowledge and not knowing you personally, limit my assessment. Perhaps, you should seek a spiritual teacher? Search for one who you feel comfortable with, a person who gives common-sense knowledge, which allows for your busy mind to open-up to high thought and inner/self development.

You mentioned subjective clairvoyance I would imagine therefore, you are aware of the terminology you give reference to. Nonetheless, may I make a short comment on clairvoyance? The word ‘clairvoyance’ is a 17th Century French word simply meaning; ‘clear vision’ relating to a person, location, or a physical event perceived through your spiritual capacity. Seeing clearly can be either through the minds-eye ‘subjective’, or outside of the medium physical body ‘objective’ - meaning to see the ‘form of spirit’ objectively. Whichever is dependent upon your divine gift, you have it, or you don’t! I am sure your own intuition will tell you which, if not your spiritual teacher will – if they can’t, may I suggest you have the wrong spiritual teacher.

My conclusion is to keep your mind open – accept and reject information, a lesson from my own spiritual teacher and mentor. I would suggest you look in depth around the ‘SpiritualistResources.com’ website, or checkout my You Tube ‘Mind Matters’ on stephenjwakeling or one of my ‘Spiritual Articles’ about ‘Psychic Ability or Spiritual Gifts’. You will find it at the bottom of the front page, double click the article is on the second page.

I wish you well on your spiritual journey. My only advice would be, if you wish to develop you spiritual gifts: be patient, try not to rush and the rewards though not of material gain, will still be of the highest. In the words of my spirit friends: “A spiritual prise is far greater than any pearl cast in the sea”.

In thoughts of Light and Peace


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