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Re: spirit orbs?
Date: 16 January 2012
In Response To: Re: spirit orbs? (Stephen Wakeling)

Mr. Wakeling, Thank you very much for responding and what a beautiful response. I do truly believe he visited me. Its hard to talk about this with just anyone without them thinking youre nuts but I just needed some input from someone with knowledge about these things.

I'm not really sure how to feel about this now, but I do know that I dont want to feel afraid. I even told him as much, that he could talk to me but that he better not do anything to scare me and so far he hasnt.

Maybe now tho if I mention this, I felt as if there was something "bad" around him and I was worried about him, his soul I guess. Gosh this sounds crazy to me. I'm not sure that I want these experiences but I dont want him to be gone either. I have just been feeling so strange ever since, a real different kind of constant feeling as if I am outside of myself. shock, grief? I just dont know.

I thank you for your time and sharing this explanation to me, it does help. Again thank you.

Peace, Sara

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