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spirit orbs?
Date: 13 January 2012

I believe I may have had a few experiences with spirit orbs. I know very little about these except I've heard that they are spirits that are getting ready to manifest themselves. My question is, just what are they manifesting into?

Should I be frightened? I mean the first time this thing was like 12" in diameter, very cold and right in front of my face one night after waking to use the restroom. I didnt know what it was but I could feel the cold on my face from it. It then floated over to right above my sleeping husband. I just thought I was dreaming, wasnt until several months later I just happened to be watching a show on tv that talked about them and thats when I learned what it was.

The next time was recently, I live some distance from family and I recieved a phone call from my sister saying that my brother was missing. We werent too concerened it was just that she recieved a phone call from a neighbor saying he had found my brothers dog wondering the streets. Again we had no real reason for alarm. The next morning as I went to make up my bed, I saw an image of my brother in my blankets, curled up in a fetal position, eyes closed, I starred at him for several seconds. I blinked and he was gone. That night when in bed almost asleep I open my eyes and there was another orb, much smaller again in front of my face. Between that and the image of my brother in the morning I knew something was wrong.

Well 9 days later his body was found in a creek bed, he died in 18 inches of water from hyperthermia. Could he have come to see me, to let me know, was he trying to tell me something? I didnt imagine these things, I live 1500 miles away and had no idea that something so tragic had happened to him. Please if you can offer any ideas or advice I would love to hear it, or send me in a direction where I might get these questions answered.

Since his death I have felt his presense close to me, in my car, family members have had beautiful dreams that he comes back and apologizes says hes sorry for messing up like he did. He gives long hugs and says goodbye. Nice dreams.

Thank you for your time, its greatly appreciated.

Peace, Sara

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