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Re: spirits
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 8 January 2012
In Response To: spirits (james)

Hi James

The question is confusing so I have pieced together a simple answer. You mention being aware of a group of people who have moved out from this physical world into light. Not an uncommon occurrence, it happens to many people. However, where I feel you may have some uncertainty is the comment you refer to from the psychic.

All people, young or old, spiritually aware or not, leave this world and enter into the gateway of eternity. Some people are more advanced and attuned to spiritual knowledge than others natural one would presume! We all know and are aware of the eternal light, the sphere of peace and happiness. Yes we may be guided by the comforting hands of our advanced spiritual companions. We are not lost, even those who have lived a physical existence of greed, and self-indulgence. Even those who dwelt in the shadows of this life walk along a common path, one that provides the opportunity to change on a route leading to spiritual illumination in the world of eternity.

Regarding the question about the dog, the answer is the same yes! All living things are part of the greater plan, one layer out by the hand of divinity. All of God's creatures reach the eternal light though for some, within the measurement of time a lot, lot longer than others.

I wish you well in your own spiritual progression.

In Light and Peace


PS The terminology I used within this is answer was used purely as a metaphor. Time as we know is a measurement of this world. Within eternity there are other ways of measurement akin to attunement and spiritual attainment.

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