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Re: She is gone
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 8 January 2012
In Response To: She is gone (Denise)

Dear Denise

In the first instance, may I say how sorry I am to hear of the sad loss of your grandmother? However, I have to confirm my reply to you strictly disassociates with any superstition, or transgression, of other members of your family.

The letter you placed within your grandmothers clothing is something many people carry out. It is something special for you and is held within your fond memories of her. In short, the letter is a link between you both. You movingly talk about the ashes of your grandmother. It may be difficult for you, particularly at this point in time. The essence of your grandmother lies not in a tomb, but in a world of enlightenment and peace. Your grandmother, like everyone, has moved into a glorious celestial setting. She is now free from pain, sorrow or anguish. Now, beyond all that is “physical”, into a spiritual world where she will grow, develop and await her loved ones, once they have also completed the earthly experience they are now upon.

I gather you believe your grandmother is wishing to say something to you. All loved ones, who you have been close to, (like me at this point in time - a grandfather), generally have very close bonds with their grandchildren. People you know, or have known, you in this life though now in light wish you happiness and peace on your journey through this physical life. I am sure your grandmother will be no different. Peace does come after pain. It may take you a period of time to adjust, particularly during a period of mourning. The message is simply - live your life and be happy! Through your good deeds, your grandmother will rejoice in the light that is her new home. Loved ones who reside in ‘light’ are stimulated and uplifted through their loved ones happiness. They await us all in the ‘great reunited’ in the great golden dawn, that on a far off future day, when you will meet again.

I wish you and your sister peace; I am sure you will find it. Think of the happy days, and smile about the good memories. Try to remember where love has been; it will always be, it never dies, because love is eternal............................

Showers of blessing and illumination


PS Perhaps you may read the short poem below? I know it has comforted many people over the years since my spiritual teacher gave them to me – I hope they help.

A Prayer for the Mourner

Silently I touch your cheek, as you wipe away a tear,

If you could only realise, dear heart that I am still so near

If only I could lift the veil, before your very eyes,

Then you would know, eternal life is everybody’s prize

But, in your grief you cannot hear, in your sorrow, cannot see,

The light that tries to penetrate, the darkness of your misery

And so the thoughts I give to you, I give to you in love,

To help regain, the shattered faith, you’ve lost in him above

So dry your tears mourn not for me and heed what has been said,

And know that I will wait in love, just one small step ahead.

Jack Corbett

International Spiritual Medium of Leicester - England 1910 – 1991

Received from his Spirit Guide – Allaphoona

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