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Re: the spirit world
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 8 January 2012
In Response To: the spirit world (angela)

Dear Angela

I have looked at your question a few times now, trying to ascertain the underlying question. My conclusion is there seems to be a terrible amount of confusion about the ‘natural spiritual law’ which allows for interaction between the ‘Two-Worlds’.

In the first instance, it is not ourselves who contact the ‘spirit world’, it is the reverse. Why? The answer is simple - we do not have the power, it is they who make contact with an appropriate channel in earth. Our spiritual companions interact and act upon ‘natural’ vibrations, bringing with them peace, comfort, knowledge and reassurance. Today, all of this gibberish about ghost, phantoms and the paranormal has clouded spiritual matter. Light is the next dimension - a world of illumination, no darkness, decay, or loneliness. A world of beauty awaits all people. What holds people back? The answer again is simple - knowledge! My spiritual teacher always said: “Don’t dwell in the lowlands of ignorance where only fools and monkeys chatter and dwell”. Open up your mind, there is nothing to fear! Light takes away darkness and stimulates the mind - a lesson for spiritual development handed down through the generations, all from the hand of the creator. Spiritual truth is a gift greater than any pearl cast in the oceans of this world – the gift gives you clarification of a sphere beyond our greatest dreams.

Regarding taking the form of an animal - sorry, but again there lies confusion. We do not change our form to that of animals. Man is the highest form. Some believe we may slip backwards, spiralling down the evolutionary path. Accordingly, though, one must allow each person to find their own perception of truth. Nonetheless, spiritual knowledge opens the mind giving clear thought, a process that takes the mind out, beyond the physical into the great celestial homeland.

Within your correspondence you refer to ‘dreams’. Dreams are vital, a link between the ‘Two-worlds’, out into the celestial setting known to many as ‘Astral’. In the ‘Astral Plane’, we interact with loved ones, gain teachings and have natural interaction with other people. Astral refreshes our spirituality and helps to blend the natural lessons we achieve in the earthly world where we reside for this short physical life.

My conclusion is you are just having bad dreams. We all have them, even me! Often this happens when we have a lot on our minds, or when the linking between the state of dreams and awakening is not synchronised or is disrupted. This slight imbalance may cause confusion, natural, though a balanced spiritual awareness will provide clarity and understanding.

May I suggest if you are seeking to open your spirituality you seek the support of a bona-fide teacher and mentor? You, like so many, need to grasp the truths of spiritual matters. Again, all of the ridicule talk on darkness, ghosts and paranormal obscures the light. Simple steps are all you need, reassurance, understanding, knowledge and you will find the answers. Please note the phraseology ‘YOU’ for it really is for you to find out for yourself. The questions may rest outside of yourself, but the answer is within you!

I wish you well. Common-sense is the rock of spiritual understanding, sadly these days, not quite so common.

In eternal Light and Peace


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