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Re: Groups with Voting Authority in Heaven
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 3 January 2012
In Response To: Groups with Voting Authority in Heaven (Donna B)

Hello Donna,

Voting is within the material and material doesn't count for anything in the 'World of Soul'. I feel from your question that there is confusion between this world and the next: You cannot measure between the two, each having its own natural laws and due processes. I believe this question needs to be addressed to a spiritual development class where a teacher/mentor can take away clouded issues and allow you to grasp simple spiritual concepts.

Last night I listened to a 'Direct Voice' tape from the great medium Leslie Flint. The information was from a famous lady pilot 'Amy Johnson', who explains that machines and material movement are of no value, except memories, once you have crossed into eternity. Perhaps you would like to visit this page on leslieflint.com (scroll down to the last third of the page, the name Amy Johnson will appear on the left) which I found to be very enlightening.

Kind regards,

Stephen Wakeling

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