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the spirit world
Date: 2 January 2012

hello, since i was a young child, i have had the "ability" to attract spirits in sleep and while awake, spirits of all kinds, good and not so good. sometimes they come to me in my sleep, and sometimes while i am awake in my sleep i sometimes seem to transform into an animal and can see relatives i have never met in places i have never been. this has been solidified by my grandmother who after telling her of my dream, produced pictures of relatives i described in detail to me. i had an encounter 2 nights ago not long after going to bed, from a couple that was fighting, it was very frightening. the man had strangled the woman, i somehow felt everything the woman felt during this time i had tried to call out for help as my boyfriend was sleeping next to me, he said i was saying "i love you frank"but it wasn't my voice at all, when he finally woke me i was sweating badly and was having trouble breathing as though i had been choked. this isn't the first time something like this has happened to me, sometimes during one of these episodes, i will wake up with small injuries to my body ( scrathes, some look like letters, sore muscles , bruises in odd areas of my body ( back, face, torso, legs) is this real or just a very bad dream?

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