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Re: Christmas Concert In Heaven
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 2 January 2012
In Response To: Christmas Concert In Heaven (Donna)

Dear Donna

Many thanks for your interesting and thought provoking question about a Christmas Concert in the ‘World of Light’.

Perhaps I am not the person best suited to answer this question; consequently may I give my reason? Each spiritual medium, or psychic, has within differing gifts, each facet of their gifts inter-connect within the wider capacity of the whole. Some people are exceptional at predictions, spiritual healing, clairvoyance etc. For my part though I have the great fortune to enjoy my primary gift of objective clairvoyance, coupled to spiritual healing. I must profess my main facility correlates within philosophical awareness, and held firmly with everyday commonsense aptitude and values.

Reference music, I must professes I have extremely limited knowledge, whether singers in a choir, or playing instruments. My only foray into music was as a rock drummer in the 1960’s, sadly not a very good one – I presume my motivation and lack of talent, moved me away from musical failure to other opportunities which fit into my capabilities. Irrespective of individual ability, I find it truly amazing how people can perform with such ease and ability, my only consolation is to watch and listen in wonder and admiration.

Without doubt, music is a fundamental element, contained in the foundation and emotions of humanity. Music has been an element of humanity since the dawn of time. Once one enters into the eternal ‘World of Light’, increased and higher vibrations further heighten one's consciousness, lifting all people’s thoughts and feelings. All types of music, harmony and composition have stimulated humanity for many reasons, some good and some not so good. Once one moves from this world, and enters into the peace and tranquillity of a world which expands beyond our wildest imagination, all of our feelings are stimulated, as part of our movement through the many spheres of knowledge. Music, Poetry and the Arts arouse and invoke thoughts and images. Each individual emotion opens up fluidity of thought and movement through the spectrum of sensitivity. Inspiration is a vital factor for every musical or theatrical individual from Bernstein to Bach, Sinatra to Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Franz Liszt or latterly John Winston Lennon.

Inspiration is often undervalued. Each and every person receives inspiration, ideas, and mental concepts from our companions in light. Yet, when a gifted individual, in whatever subject or discipline, receives inspiration, then the whole world can be uplifted and stimulated. Whatever, or whoever, I am sure these musical genius and many, many more, are recognised for greatness reflected in the minds of other people. Each musical note, or melodic style, evokes within we lesser mortals, a dimension that takes the mind out beyond the limitations of this world. In the ‘World of Light and Peace’ until the end of all things, music along with all the other gifts God provides, will open corridors in mankind’s thinking, thoughts and actions.

I am sorry that I have never heard a Christmas Concert in the ‘World of Light’. I imagine you have been very fortunate to have heard this music. I understand that my grandfather (not a musical person), though not a great music lover, during his last few earthly days, often heard spiritual singing. My family spoke regularly about this. For my grandfather, he was infused and couldn’t wait for his movement out of the physical and into eternity. So music was his companion when he entered into the ‘Golden Light’.

One would think if there are Christmas Concerts, there must be musical concerts covering the whole religious spectrum. Perhaps there is Diwali for Hindu’s, Eid al-Adha the ‘Feast of Sacrifice’ for Muslims, Vaisakhi also known as (Baisakhi, Vaishakhi, or Vasakhi) an ancient harvest festival celebrated for Sikh’s, Yom Kippur written in Hebrew: יוֹם כִּפּוּר or יום הכיפורים‎, IPA, also known as the ‘Day of Atonement’, or perhaps the Chinese Yu Lan – ‘All Souls Day’. It must be a marvellous sensory upliftment to hear a united voice in harmony – now there is a lesson from music for the whole. Perhaps, they may be through John Lennon’s immortal and poignant lyrics in the song - ‘Imagine’....................................................

I am sorry I can provide no greater insight. I have looked through many channels for the meaning of the words ‘O Landia’. Unfortunately, I have found only one thing; sadly, this referred to a modern day rendition from a ‘Rapper’, not what you are looking for I fear!

I will you a happy New Year. May you again in this world, hear the melodic voices of the choir you speak about?

In Light and Peace


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