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Seminar experience.
Date: 1 January 2012


Im a 36 year old adult. When I was 19 I attended a walk in Seminar at the Spiritualist Centre, Belgrave Square, London. At the time I had no idea what i was attending as I was just visiting london for a day out and someone suggested I should visit the centre and I had never been to anything like this before. We were told that this was a very special event and that there would be 3 mediums and who would be acting as a channel for someone from the other side to give some sort of lecture from the other side. We were warned that some people might experience some strange lighten.

When the lecture began the lighten in the room changed. I was looking at the 3 mediums. As it went on the mediums began to change. It was like I was seeing them in the same way you would see a photo negative and there features began to change. As this was happening I became extremely focused on them and before I knew it I felt I was getting pulled into some sort of trance. At this point I became very distressed as I had no idea what was happening. When the seminar finished I left very upset. I was very vulnerable at the time. I dont think what i experienced was something bad. It was just something that I had never experienced before.

Iv never forgot that day. I have also been back to the centre a few times since then but I have never asked anyone if they could described what I experienced. I am now at an age were I would like to look more into what happened that day and if it ment anything. Can you shed any light on the matter?



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