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I recently lost my Mom
Date: 31 December 2011


I came across your site while searching Google.

I recently lost my Mom. I have been facing so much difficulty accepting it. I want to talk to my mother to know if she is doing ok. I must contact her or else I will die of depression. Her sweet voice and beautiful face is always in front of me and I can't imagine her in the darkness of her grave. She was so scared of darkness. I want to get in touch with her. My belief about after life is confused; I am a born Muslim but not a practising one.

I would like to believe that the other side exists and my mother is happy and content there.

I live in London but at the moment in Pakistan after my mom's death and are not returning before March 2012. Please help me. Who to contact and how? I live in London but I am not there at the moment so I cannot attend any circles or gathering. Please help me, I beg you please.

Thank you - A

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