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Christmas Concert In Heaven
Date: 29 December 2011

Dear Stephen Wakeling,

I have had many spiritual experiences, and one of the things that I have become aware of is the Christmas Concert that happens in Heaven each year just before Christmas. The first time I heard a little of it was in 1983 a few weeks before my husband's father passed away on January 7th, 1984. This fall, I lost my Voice (singing) Teacher, of 16 years, Charlene A. She had a beautiful Lyric soprano voice. She has "been with me" since two days after I learned that she had passed. After I "let her go" she told me, "The hardest part is over. Now it will get easier. Now we can have fun." She comes and goes as she needs to. To make a long story short, one night when she was on the way back to me from somewhere, I was given "infused knowledge" that she had been to a rehearsal for the Christmas Concert. She was going to be in the Christmas Concert in Heaven this year, and so were my father and the choir director, Dale Harpham, that I had grown up singing under. Charlene is with Dale, my father, and my grandmother. When I heard The Angels Sing in 1983, it was the most beautiful sound that I had ever heard in my life. I could hear all of the parts and each was gorgeous! This time, I was able to hear Charlene's voice for a few seconds and it was beautifu, but I go to a massage therapist, and the music in her office took away what I would have been able to hear with my ears. I could only hear the words they were singing inside my head. I was also able to see them. There was a big crowd of spirits standing in a semicircle. At one point I was able to hear a few seconds of the instrumental and it was beautiful. I caught glimpses of Charlene, my father and Dale twice. I would loved to have heard more of it, but at least my therapist is spiritual and I was able to share it with her.

The words that I remember from 1983 are "O Landia". The Heavenly Choir did a piece with that in it as well this year (Dec.21,2011). The did an Alleluia, the one that I heard Charlene singing so beautifully when the concert first came upon me, and many others. I knew they were singing inside my head.

My Question after all of that background is: Can you tell me about the Christmas Concert that takes place in Heaven each year just before Christmas, and what is the meaning of the words "O Landia"?

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