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Re: Further to our conversation
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 22 December 2011
In Response To: Further to our conversation (S)

Dear S.

Thank you for your sad correspondence. I am sorry for the delay in replying it is that I have been away in Spain, to be precise Tenerife.

The situation of why a person seeks to end their physical life is one that has perplexed thinking people since the dawn of time. There is no one definitive answer. Why? The answer is because each individual situation contains its own dilemmas, quandaries, difficulties and predicaments. The balance of the mind is delicate, and for each of us, it can be tremendously difficult to gain the equilibrium of life. Like the young man you mention, he must have been going through a very difficult period. Without being singular in my viewpoint, it is so often young men in their earlier period of life, teenagers or youth who struggle to come to terms with their sensitivities and the world around them. The reasons are many and well documented, but the tragedy is the pain they and their loved one have to endure. There is no simple answer, more one of trying to understand. Yet, understanding is intricate and arduous when one is held within the grasp of sadness, sorrow and grief.

Without doubt those who hold the belief of eternal retribution are wholly wrong. This life, for good or not so good, is the schoolhouse of learning. My belief is when such tragedies occur, society as a whole should in-proportion shoulder responsibility. If man were more attuned to developing true spiritual values and understanding, we would all learn the truths of oneness, grasping the knowledge that we are all part of one great family. Sadly, we do not! In this material world of high speed and personal aspirations, many people can be lost within themselves and alone. Fortunately, we have many professional people who support and assist the circumstance you have described. We may miss the tell-tale signs, or recognise another’s self-doubts. Again, with the situation of speak, one should realise that the fears, sadness and sorrow of another person, can often be masked. Taking one’s own life may merely be a cry for help. This is why the ‘Samaritans’ perform such a marvellous job and daily help, support and comfort those who are lost and alone.

From your words and our conversation, it is obvious you have a great depth of feeling towards the young man. Love is the light and bridge between the two great worlds. It is love that opens the dialogue with our loved ones, who have now taken that smallest of steps out in the ‘Golden Dawn’. The ‘World of Light’ is a place of beauty and awaits everyone, believer or not! The ‘World of Light’ and existence of life beyond the physical goes back beyond the dawn of time.

You also bring to mind that he had all to live for. How true. But, we all look upon this life from singular dimensional perspective. Life is in fact multi-dimensional, with many facets. We know so little but our own lives are interlinked with others and part of a greater plan – one we do not know about, until we ourselves, have moved out into the realms of eternity.

There is no damnation in the next world. There is no penance, or payback to anyone. The ‘World of Light’ will heal the young man, as with everyone who moves out into eternity. Again, the benchmark is measured by one thing: LOVE. It is the love you have for this young man, along with others he has interacted with and known. Now others will help him to build his future upon the new spiritual pathway he is now upon. In eternity, he will find, that of which, he sort in this world of earth.

In conclusion, please try to remember you will see again, his shining face held within peace and enlightenment. By attending a ‘Spiritual Centre’ you have an opportunity, unlike others from many parts of this world where there is not this opportunity. Yes, it may take time for him to make contact with loved ones in earth. He will need to link into a medium attuned to a similar vibration. In-short he will need to find a suitable channel to gain spiritual concord. Often when you least expect, contact will be made to take away your doubts. The doorway between the ‘Two-Worlds’ is always slightly ajar, waiting for an opportunity to bridge the small divide and establish contact, if only for a short while. A chance to provide the evidence you need, that life is eternal and the light we have been given, from before physical birth, can never diminish, be lost or die – it is eternal part of the creator's garment - life................

I will e-mail over the information about the RMS Titanic. I am sure it will help to gain understanding of life beyond the physical, often referred to as heaven or the world of light; the name is unimportant, it is simply continuity of life as we know it............................

Particularly at this time of festivity and celebration I wish you happiness, peace and concord.

Showers of love and light



If ever there is doubt and no one to turn to these websites and contact details may be of great comfort, support and help!

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