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About Pet Spirits and Souls
Date: 4 December 2011

I just read Stephen Wakeling's article on Pet Sprits and Souls. Yesterday, I had to put my beloved 12 year old Yorkie to sleep as she had cancer of the heart, liver and spleen. I've had her since she was 4 weeks old and it's always been just her and me; she went everywhere with me except the grocery store and I never left her alone...she went to doggie day care when I was working.

My question is, how do I visualize her? Her little body is here, but I know her spirit has left that precious little body. Needless to say, my grief is tantamount. I've not stopped talking to her and doing things I did when she was with me (placing my robe at the bathroom door while I put makeup on because I used to do that every day). I want to visualize her running and playing, but how do I picture her. I read that their spirit adopts the shape, etc. that they had on earth, is that true?

Any help you can provide will be GREATLY appreciated.

Thank you,

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