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Re: too emotionally involved
By:Sam Dodd <laiste-seren@hotmail.com>
Date: 26 November 2011
In Response To: Re: too emotionally involved (Stephen Wakeling)

Ty so much !

Its hard at times to get a fully understanding answer and for the past 10 years I have kind of shunned the limelight and refused to fully take any definate steps because I always felt there was so much ego involved with some who seem to be involved publicly in giving readings.

What you said make sense , alot of sense . I am not sure where I will find somebody to assist but I always feel I am on a long journey and learning all the time so hopefully the path will lead me to them if I am patient.

i certainly feel its a long process and I am always pretty concsious of holding myself in check and remind people this is not a party trick .

Somebody recently again told me I should be charging but i remain happy with my decision that all that is used is my time and so all that I would like for them to do in return is a good deed for another person.

Once again I ty for your time and very detailed reply it was very helpful.

many thanks :o)

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