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Re: too emotionally involved
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 26 November 2011
In Response To: too emotionally involved (Sam)

Dear Sam

Thanks for your question, sorry for the late reply but I have been away for a few days, having a little peace from the internet.

I have taken sometime looking at your enquiry, which is one which concerns many people. You mention receiving information from the ‘World of Light’. In itself, this is nothing uncommon with one who becomes aware of spiritual matters. You mention mediumship, which infers development or spiritual unfoldement. Perhaps, if we take a step back, we may throw a little more light onto the whole subject involved around the terminology of mediumship.

First of all, may I explain a simple, basic truth on this subject? Every person who resides upon this world of earth has the capacity to interact, on a communicative level, with those people who now live in the eternal ‘World of Peace and Light’. The process is natural. Nonetheless, each person encompasses the same divine gift, though at varying, or differing levels of unfoldement. Opening the capacity of mediumship takes years and years of hard work, effort and patience. Why one may ask? The answer is simple, like all things there is a natural process, individual to each and every one of us. The gift is priceless and divine by its source. Consequently, opening the gift needs a person skilled in spiritual matters who can teach the essential rudiments appertaining to mediumship. Yet, we should always remember; no one in this life is fully developed, so we need to continue to push back the boundaries of our spiritual development.

In the years gone by, people were more inclined to be patient, taking time (often many years) and ‘sitting’ for spiritual development for year, after year, after year. Often this process was painstaking, learning to be disciplined in the core technique of mediumship. Basic disciplines had to be reached, well before one joined the more proficient workers. Indeed, many gifted mediums would forfeit their own desires and aspirations, in pursuit of others who had more extraordinary spiritual capacities. Today, it seems many pursue their own desires of self-glorification, rather than grasp the message that mediumship is for others, and not for the mediums often inflated ego.

Taking into account the requirements of spiritual development, one soon becomes aware that we all need a good teacher and mentor. Today, we see many protagonists who want the easy route to becoming a medium. Why, and for what reason; I must say I am baffled to say the least. I had a great teacher and mentor who had worked as a spiritual medium for over 60 years prior to me meeting him. He taught me from the basic, working on every aspect of spiritual mediumship from: presentation, philosophical knowledge, awareness, interpretation, signs, symbols etc, etc. My teacher always said: “there is no short-cut to mediumship apart from hard work, effort, commitment and dedication”. People today often sit in an ‘Open-Circle’ for a couple of weeks give a few messages and before you know it, they are off to the local public house, or meeting place without having opened their spirituality correctly. These people become little more than flowers that open before their rightful season – an early frost, they are gone, faded, never to open to their true splendour.

One very important point in your question was in relation to emotions. This is why, if you wish to taste the sweet wine of the spirit – knowledge, you need a good teacher. You need to have a teacher with depth of knowledge, understanding – one who can help you to build you spiritual capability. It would appear you have one excellent gift, common-sense a great asset, if you do wish to open up your inner-sensitivity.

Try to think of your spiritual unfoldement like a period of inner change, opening up, like a beautiful flower, one whose fragrance reaches out to others. Imagine if you were building a new house. I am sure you would want an architect, a qualified builder, and to set foundations upon steady and stable land. Spiritual awareness and growth is exactly the same. Take time, be patient and gain the support of good teaching. Now, you will learn to take away fear, darkness and trepidation.

Emotions are a vital ingredient in becoming a medium. The emotional ability provides depth, the vital element which differentiates between the medium and the psychic. If you wish to open your own spirituality you will learn to manage your emotions. Try to remember that loved ones, who now live in the ‘World of Light’, come back through mediums, to give comfort and to dry the tears of the mourner. Yes, some of the message we receive are heart-wrenching, sad and sorrowful. But, the messages are of love, light and reassurance that life is one of continuity

Finally, may I suggest you either find a spiritually developed teacher? Alternatively, if you cannot get away from feeling drained, perhaps find another way to provide spiritual service through the other gifts you enjoy. You should never be drained of energy. I see mediums that are drained of energy after a service. Why one may ask – the answer is simple: they are using their own energies! Energy given from the spirit when working in ‘Service of the Spirit’ is of divine nature and always replaced. Mediums work between the movements from one-energy field to another. It’s common sense really. The movement between the ‘Two-Worlds’ is natural, used since the dawn of time, an energy that cannot be diminished in this world of earth, only enhanced by love, goodness and purity of purpose.

Hold fast with your emotions and use the positivity to open the door of you mind. From the teachings of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj born 17th April 1897, entered into the golden light on September 8th 1981 who was an Indian spiritual teacher, philosopher and Guru said about spiritual awareness: “awareness is ever there. It need not be realised. Open the shutter of the mind and it will be flooded with light”.

I wish you well in overcoming and mastering your emotions. May you bring light and peace upon those you meet and help through this earthly life?

Showers of Light and Peace



Emotions and feelings play the positive part of the ‘Mind at Work’ and are the ‘vital’ spark that makes things interesting or add curiosity. Successful thinkers have the ‘Optimum Level’ of motivation, in short not too much, or too little. The capacity that feeling/emotion brings is one of satisfaction and is helpful in drawing up ‘conclusions’. If your brain is computer then ’feelings and emotions’ are the electricity that powers everything.

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